Scene of the Week

Plans fall through, that’s a fact of life.
“Best Laid plans of Mice and Men” – John Steinbeck.

Having said that my plan is to write a random scene at least weekly if not more often depending on inspiration. (Note that I don’t have a computer of my own at the moment and this severely impedes my ability to write a scene weekly, I hope to remedy this in the near future) These will not follow each other in narrative nor chronology.  They will simply be scenes I write for the purposes of the challenges of writing them.

So many movies, and plays come down to a single culminating scene. I think practicing writing that or any other scene and making is self contained to the purpose of the scene is a challenging goal for any writer.

Feel free to respond to and more importantly submit your own scenes, which if you follow the basic structure of my posts I’d be happy to post here for consideration.

Typical Format for entries:

Brief 1 – 2 paragraph explanation of the scene. From the perspective of you as a writer, not just explaining the scene it’s self. You can write about any part of the writing process you like. Do not however simply recap your scene in the description, let the scene speak for it’s self



I am planning sometime at the beginning of 2015 if all things hold out to hold a referral contest to try to bolster the number of views on this blog. If you have any ideas of a good prize for this I would love to hear them. I was thinking maybe a new release game which runs about $59.99 on most consoles. (Contest restricted to the U.S. sorry), Maybe given the subject matter of this blog, a movie collectible, or new release DVD/Blu-Ray might be better.

Let me know what you guys think.


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