Liquid to a Solid

Inspiration for material can come from anywhere. Writing it’s self can transform greatly just in it’s initial manifestation.

This is an example of that. This is a scene I wrote with a script in mind, but in a book/short story format. It’s also a good example of an inspiration for an entire story boiling down to a significant scene. Be it an introduction, character development, interaction, conclusion, description, or simply action.


Darkness within Light

“So religion is a lie and all there is left is fate?” She asks with a hint of irritiation.
“You haven’t been listening to me, your drawing too many conclusions.” He replies
“Then why don’t you explaine it to me all you’ve done is tole me what isnt. Time to tell me what is.” She retorts.
“The truth is Religion isn’t a lie but the thought of a religion being more right then another is false. All religions are false and all faith is true. It’s where you place your faith that can be the problem. Most people pick and face and put thier God on it and call it thier devine right.” he finishes with a slight look heavenward.
“So your saying the Prophets were liars and that the Popes are fools?” She inquires.
“No there are men of who work with thier faith like a carpenter might work in wood. They can see through the haze and find true light in there. You seem under the impression God picks his deciples and speaks only to them. He doesn’t he is open to all it’s simply up to the individual to open themselves to the truth through the door of faith.” He looks into her eyes as is looking for realization.
“You know all your doing is creating more questions and answering nothing. Why don’t we just stick to the facts right now. What are you exactly and what are you doing here?” She eyes him almost meanacingly.
“I am a Dark Angel, one of the last of my kind.” He replies.
“An Angel, and one of the last I didn’t think Angels could die.” She reposts.
“No Angels don’t die not in the way you know anyways. I am not just an Angel. I am a Dark Angel and I am one of the last because more of my Dark Bretheren have Fallen.” He turns away a moment.
“What makes you a Dark angel?” She asks.
“There are Six levels of Angel. Within the Angel Hierarchy there are many levels but these are only Six real Angel….stages if you will. The First is Archangel. It is the highest level of angel not so much just a ring in the scale of the angelic councile as a type of angel. This angel is uncorruptable. Not many are of this level and there will be few more to join them. You see an Angel is a thing in flux. We have choices to make the same as any. And like any realm we have our extreams as well. ” He explains.
“Ok I think I understand but of the whole you’ve only given me a fraction.” She informs.
“To earn the highest position of Angel is dificult at best Bordering on Impossible. The next level is Angel. This level has many classes from Cherub to Gaurdian and beyond. But for those of us who have followed the dark path we have grown tired of the war. We grow tired of the ‘Balance’ we are promised to keep. We go out on our own to fight the forces of darkness. However as we fight the darkness we retaine some of it on us. Our distance from the pure light and out tangel with the evil forces leaves the mark of darkness on us.” He further explains.
“I’m almost afraid to ask about the other three classes” She muses.
“The fourth class of Angel is a fallen angel. They work against us directly. They Interfear with our work and plan the destruction of our light brothers. They are traitors and false angels. They work for thier own means their final plans are somewhat convoluted but involve reforming heaven into thier own designs. The fifth level of Angel is Demon. They plegde loyalty to the Devil himself and are transformed into pure darkness. They loose all of thier remianing Angelic qualities and take on those of the Dark Lords. They serve the Dark Lords plans and they do the most damage to the light in a direct maner. The last class of angel is the darkest of them all and has only been achived by one. It’s Satan himself and the ex-lucifer of the light.” He completes.
“So how many dark angels become angels again?” She askes.
“None they all fall its just a matter of time. Yes I guess that means it will be my fate as well but for now I remain in the shadow but not a fallen.” He tempers.


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