Sneak Peak

This is a piece of a full script I am working on for a Sci-Fi movie. Title Under Construction.

scene: inside (Time of day irrelevant due to it being underwater and under ice down where the sun does not reach); inside a futuristic ship say perhaps 2,000 years in the future. No windows in the room. Reminiscent of a submarine.

participants in room: 1st lieutenant (Jana Thesles) Beautiful woman but with a commanding presence. age – 24, Captain (Kar-ive Horthon) Average Looking man age – 48, Sgt (Randell killington) a bit plain looking but not ignoreable age- 52

Scene opens with helicopter shots of beautiful earth landscapes new zealand or swiss mountain peaks, fertile valleys, red sand desserts, tropical rain forests, mountain pines and redwoods.

as the last few moments are shown we pull back to see it was displayed as a hologram and there are three people seated and watching the scenes unfold. They each touch a sensor that looks like a blue tooth ear piece and what appeared to be a blade like pair of lenses across their eyes dissipates.

They stand and the seats retract into the floor.

1st lt turns to the ctp.

1lt: How long ago was that Cpt?
Cpt: Hard to tell anymore. This hologram dates back a few millenium at least
sgt: I’m not much for holding on to the past, but I never get tiered of seeing how it used to be

Voice Rings into the room from the command deck.
Com Off: Captain we are approching dock
Cpt touches his ear peice again: ETA?
Com Off: fifteen Minutes untill contact, Sir
Cpt: Aknowleged

1lt: We better head back to the com deck
Sgt: Captain I’ll go secure the men for debarking
Cpt: See to it Sargent. Come with me Lt we have a few minutes to spare

The Sgt leaves the room and heads into the hall left. The Cpt and 1lt left towards the command deck at a leasierly pace. The hall ways aren’t cramped but they aren’t especially roomy either.

1lt: Sir do you mind if I ask you a question?
Cpt: Go ahead
1lt: How did it happen?
Cpt: Surley you didn’t live this long with out hearing that tales a hundred times before.
1lt: True but there is the story book version. And there is the version you get from experience
Cpt: I think I understand. I don’t believe we have time for that discussion at the moment Lieutenant.
1lt: Sorry Sir
Cpt: No need to apologize. It’s a long story and were nearly to the Com station. Do you mind if I ask you a question?
1lt: Not at all sir
Cpt: I am curious as to why you chose this life for yourself. Don’t get me wrong your a capable Officer, And you’ve done well here since your transfer aboard.
1lt: You mean because of my appearance?
Cpt: It’s been my experience that attractive young women usually find more comfortable lives outside the constraints of such a disciplined environment.
1lt: Life isn’t always about archiving whats easy Captain.
Ctp: I’m glad you said that.


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