Tread Lightly

This is an example of a random thought mixed with a curious expectation. I am a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and like many fans I am not happy with people making fun of it. Keeping that in mind I am perfectly happy to see comedy in any form even of Star Wars if it’s done well. I have always postulated that comedy is the most difficult thing to do well. There are so many factors in humor that are simply unknowable until you have the opportunity to present the material and gauge the reaction to it. I have often wondered if I could write something and actually have it be funny. This scene just p0pped into my mind one day and I simply sat down and wrote it out, for better or worse.


This scene takes place right after Vader awakens in the suit.


Vader: No I can’t go on with out Padme

Emp: Oh shut up. Here, go try out your new and improved mechanical hand.

Vader walks over to a mechanical device, reaches out (Mechanical sounds whirl) and picks up the device, crushes it in his hand

Vader: Groovey (Steal from the best)

Emp: Ok Vader the first thing you need to learn is the intimidating “look”

Vader gazes at the Emperor. The Emperor pauses to comprehend, then moves on.

Emp: Next you must learn about discipline. Be firm but yielding, be hard but forgiving, be forceful but –

Vader simply force chocks a random bridge officer.

Emp: Or that…


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