Characterized by Shadow

Ok being as my Laptop (And only computer) failed a few days ago the frequency of these posts will be up for grabs for a while.

Character introductions can be tricky in scripts. In a traditionally written story format you can take the time to give detailed and alluring descriptions to bolster the impact the scene has. Where as scripts as necessarily sparse or detail. Having limited room for more elaborated detail scripts can appear on the page to be less impact full due to their brevity. This leaves both the room for creativity of the crew working on the movie, And the ability for the production to decide what specific direction to take the designs of the project as a whole. Keeping these things this is a character introduction scene.

Interior Night. Room lite by candle light in absence of functioning light fixtures. shadows are numerous and extreme. Living room is 25 x 15 apox. with two large curved toward the center stair cases leading to the upper floor.
On scene: Joseph, Maggie, Dutch, and an as of yet unknown presence.
(entering the living room from the porch with Maggie and Dutch in tow. Joseph puts a finger to his mouth to indicate silence.)
Dutch: This is a bad idea we should come back in the day time.
Joseph: (Whispering) Keep it down. Whatever this thing is, it’s nocturnal, we stand a better chance of finging it at night.
Dutch: We stand a better chance of getting eaten tonight.
Maggie: (Whispers) We stand a better chance of not if you’d keep your-
Joseph: What is it?
Maggie: Nothing I just thought I saw…

(They move further into the room standing aprox 7 feet from each other to maximize the illumination of the room but not separate from each other)

Joseph: (speaking a bit louder to be heard now a bit further away) Dutch did you see anything?
Joseph: Dutch I asked you –

(Joseph and Maggie look around and Dutch is no longer in sight)

Joseph: Where the hell?
Maggie: I’m getting the feeling Dutch was right this was a bad idea.
Joseph: I told you nobody would believe us anyways we had to check this out ourselves.
Maggie: what proof do the dead provide? Oh My God!
Joseph: What is it? What did you see?

(Maggie shaking in both the cold and anxiety motions towards a dark corner above the stair case near the ceiling)

Maggie: It’s right there.
Joseph: What is?
Maggie: It’s right up there.
Joseph: Maggie what the hell is up there? What do you see?

(Joseph walks closer to where she indicated but still see nothing.

Maggie: I can’t believe we did this, I can’t believe we’re here.
Joseph: Calm down Your starting to panic and there is nothing here. Stop being so-

(Joseph disappears into the shadow with short scream interrupted but his voice being filled by his own blood, still we see nothing but shadow)

Maggie: Joseph We shouldn’t have come here, I’m so sorry dutch. I’m sorry I should have listened to you dutch.
Maggie: Joseph we should leave we should go before its too late.

(Maggie seems to be shaken out of her delirium as a splatter of blood splashes onto the floor from the shadow and a sound like stretching leather can be heard inside the darkness)

Maggie: Oh My God we’re all going to die, all of us. Every last person is going to die!

(The shadow births a shape playing inside of it like every tale of the devil and demons that have been written. As the shape begins to enter the light a man seems to shed it’s demonic manifestation)

Dark Figure: You have nothing to fear. I’m not going to hurt you, I’ve come to help you.
Maggie: Your not real, your not real (Closes her eyes) I don’t believe in the devil, your not real.
Dark Figure: I’ve sated my thirst for the night You can open your eyes. I am going to show you wonders beyond your imagination.
Maggie: (Eyes still closed) Our father who art in heaven hallowed be they name-
Dark Figure: Silence! Your bold superstition is befouling my mood. Now if you wish to live, open your eyes, and come with me. If you do not I will find somebody who will.


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