Art of the negligent Narrative

Sometimes it’s the most mundane things that make the biggest challenges. How do you bring across the information needed to understand the world and situation that your characters inhabit, with out making it boring.

Also known as exposition this can be a challenge to balance activity with dialogue. Make the situation interesting enough for the audience to be occupied by it, but not to much that they ignore the important dialogue data.

INT DAY – 3:28pm
At an Industrial Production factory – Vacuums (Generic co)
Enter through main door off screen into screen from left.
Jack ; 32 drk hair
Factory employees 200 workers about a dozen seen on screen at any one time.
Several pick-ups and long sots as Jack approaches a particular employee.
Daniel ; 38 sndy hair in overalls with company logo on the back.

Jack: Danny! hey Danny I need to tell you something.
Daniel: (turns from his work to notice his friend approaching) Jack what are you doing here?
Jack: I have something I need to tell you, it’s-
Daniel: I told you before you can’t just come to my work. How the hell did you make it in anyways?
Jack: Look this is import-
Daniel: I don’t give a crap how important it is your not supposed to ne here, I told you.
Jack: Look just shut up a minute and listen.
Daniel: I …Yeah ok you’re here now, so explain, but I have to get back to work.
Daniel turns back to the vacuums he is placing what seem to Jack like almost random parts inside the main casing.
Jack: Yeah whatever look this is important and you’re not going to care about those stupid vacuums, so just listen up.
Daniel: I’m listening, holy crap man.
Daniel continues to work with the parts and seems to have run into a bit of a problem getting one to fit in properly.
Jack: I just heard on the news, there’s an asteroid on the way here. They saw it too late, in fact if it weren’t for the armature sky-watcher we would have never even seen it.
Daniel: Sucks for somebody I guess.
Daniel: Decides to go about it another way and flips the casing around and begins to unscrew the back of it.
Jack: No I don’t think you understand, this rock is going to wipe us all out, were all dead, we’re already dead.
Daniel: Yeah I got it.
Daniel seems to see the problem, reaches in and pulls out a broken plastic gasket. He tosses it into a pile of half a dozen others.
Jack: So lets go Apparently we only have a few hours left, it should be breaching the atmosphere by dinner time.
Daniel seems pleased with himself and puts the screws back in to  he case and flips it back around. Check the case once over visually and puts it aside into a box for shipping to another department.
Jack grabs Daniels arm and tugs on it.
Daniel turns to face Jack and yanks his arm free.
Jack: What are you doing we have to get the hell out of here. We have hours left, thats it, didn’t you understand?
Daniel: Look, you were never one for responsibility before and I certainly don’t expect you to understand now. I have a job to do. Until the world stops spinning I intend to continue doing it.
Jack looks confused and a bit regretful
Daniel: Besides What do I have anyways, this job is my life, you should grab Jenny and you should spend some time together. I’m staying here and working. It’s all I have left anyways.
Jack: but that’s not-
Daniel: Just Go! Do it now before I lose my will for even this.
Daniel turns back to his table and pulls another casing from the box to his left. Places it on the table and grabs another part for the appliance.
Jack realizing he may have done more harm then good decides to leave, he has done all he can for his friend. He wishes he could say he will miss him, but he simply won’t have enough time for that. Nobody will.


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