Deep in it

As I said before, not having a computer of my own it gets tough to get to these on a weekly basis like I would like but I will do it when I can.

Going from the mundane to the extreme. How a script handles those important moments is as important as the small ones. It may seem obviouse but many script simply blow the situation out of proportion in order to give it a sense of grandeur. Even when the world is in the balance it is still possible to maintain a sense of reality. You can’t always end things with a literal explosion. Sometimes it’s the human and almost ordinary moments which make the best expletives.

INT. Night – Small control room. Reminicent of the IST (Internatinal Space Station).
Jacobs: male 22, brown hair, green eyes 2 day 5 o’clock shadow.
Ivan: make 45, sandy blone hair, blue eyes, similar facial hair.
Sparks fly out from one of the panels lights pulse from around the room.
The men look frantic as if trying to diagnose the situation. They are in an anti-gravity enviroment.

Jacobs: This shouldn’t be happening I checked the capacitor twice it was spent.
Ivan: It doesn’t matter any more we have to get this on track or we’ll lose everything.
Jacobs: If we can’t re-ajust our trajectory in four minutes we will miss our objective.
Ivan: If we miss it we’re not the only ones who will lose.
Jacobs: You think I don’t know that? Look lets take off the power auxillery panel.
Ivan: I know you do, but sometimes I have to say it out loud to remind myself.

Jacobs Pushes off the panel they were working on and floats to a panel behind them and near the floor.
Ivan pushes off the join in. Ivan pulls a tool which seems magnetically attached to his belt. He uses it to pry open the panel.
Jacobs thrusts his hand inside, we see his eyes dart around as he searches inside with his hand.

Jacobs: Did you leave a message for your dad?
Ivan: Like what? If you get this sorry I let everybody die?
Jacobs: Just saying goodbye.

Ivan responds with silence.

Jacobs: I sent my wife a holovid. It was the least I could do.
Ivan: I assume all the usual platitudes.

Jacobs stops for a moment and looks up at Ivan who watches him from slightly above.

Jacobs: Your a son of a bitch.
Ivan: Just find whats wrong so you can make it home and tell everybody.

Jacobs takes a breath and searches again. Then he pauses. Time seems to freeze in the room for a moment.
Jacobs takes his hand out of the panel and slowly places the cover back on.

Ivan: You fixed it right? Easier then you thought it would be?

Jacobs: It’s the Capacitor, it fused with the main junction relay line.
Ivan: Dead in the water.
Jacobs: Impossible now to put in any navigational commands. Impossible to fix with out a walk we haven’t the time to suit up for let alone do.
Ivan: You tried your best kid. Guess we just sit and watch the show then, shall we?
Jacobs: I’m taking us in.
Ivan: To what?
Jacobs: If this is the end I want to be with my wife.
Ivan: By the time we enter the atmosphere it will already be over.
Jacobs: I don’t care I want to be as close to her as I can get.
Ivan: Kid, it’s over, she’s gone.
Jacobs: You think I want to circle up here with you a moment longer then I have to? I’m going home to be with my family.
Ivan: Your families-
Jacobs: And I’m about to join them.

Ivan takes a deep breath.

Ivan: Your right, this is the best way to go out. Head to the control center, I’ll go get the parts from storage and we’ll be home with in the hour.

Jacobs nods and pushes himself off the ground hard heading out of the chamber. Ivan stays a moment longer then pushes off lightly heading down for his suit.


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