Damnit Jim it’s a script not a Science Experiment.

One of the more difficult things to write into a script is proprietary language, as in slang or more often “techno babble”. The reason this is difficult to write is because you have to make the words seem as if they belong in that reality, and at the same time explain it to everybody who doesn’t already know what it means. In other words everybody in most cases. Especially when dealing with in world tech, created specifically for that story.

Ext – Dusk a high dessert enviroment, a few natural bodies of water, and sparce vegitation.
Howie – Team leader – 30s, strong build, dark hair
Rich – Team Reasercher/Science Officer – 40s, med build, light hair with grey mixed in
Warren – Recently thawed fugitive from 500 yrs in the past late 20s, med build, raven hair
Team enters frame from left heading at a slow pace camera pans with team.
Howie has what apears to be a side arm in his hand. Rick has a three inch black bar in his hand with an eminating holographic display. In his other hand he wears a glove with scensors he faces towards the ground.
Rich follows at a close pace looking a bit lost on the proticals, but trying to keep up but stay out of the way.

Howie: Hows the scans comming?
Rich: Good Captain, this planet is full of usable minerals. The soil is too toxic for most edible plants to grow, however.
Warren: Your hand tells you all that?
Rich: No not my hand, my NRD.
Waren: Does that stand for Neat Radio Device?
Rich: Hardley, we haven’t used radio waves in decades, how silly.
Howie: Check the ponds for Bio-Organic activity, we don’t want anything sneaking up on us.

Rich pauses for a moment and seems to call up a small holographic display on the back of his glove. He then heads over to the nearest pond 50 feet away. The team follows.

Warren: Can that thing tell the future? Can I get tomorrows lottery numbers?
Rich: A. No, and B. whats a lottery? I mean I know the concept achedemicly but by context I assume you mean something more specific.
Warren: Nevermind, what does that thing do anyways? I mean does it take pictures, or use one of those, um spectrometers thats it?
Howie: Anything on scanners?
Rich: Sorry captain these pools are laced with free floating organic materials, something was alive here, but it’s having trouble sorting out the data to give a difinitive answer. It’s going to take a few moments.

Rich pulls up his gloves holographic display again to see what seem like sets of floating particals slowly being placed into forms, and stored into a storage area.

Warren: So that thing has a built in microscope?
Rich: Sort of. This is a Nutrieno Reflective Device, it impreginates nutrienos with charges and radiates them out. When then return they give a basic shape outline of whatever they come in contact with.
Warren: Like sonar.
Rich: Yes very much so, only the data returned carries with it residual charges, quarks and other sub particulate information which gives us a clear understanding what what we are looking at.
Warren: So you can see down there, and you know what it’s made of?
Rich: Percisly and on a sub-atomic scale this gives us enough detailed information to extrapelate a derivitive.
Warren: Uh so it tells you stuff?
Rich: You are a master of the obviouse sir.
Warren: Thanks?

Rich used a pinch method to widen his gloves holographic display, seems to change a few settings then taps off his display.

Rich: You’re right Captain, something was definatly here, but it’s gone now. Only the evidence of it’s exsistence remains, however not enough complet genetic data remains to make an identification.
Howie: Then lets move long, we have a long way to go still.
Rich: Aye Captain

Camera stays in position and the crew finally move to the right and out of shot.


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