a man of few words

When an actor goes for an audition, they bring resource material with them in the form of script scenes. The most often used script scene is called the Monologue, or Soliloquy. This is a scene in a script for a single person. The important thing for an actor is that this scene show enough personality and emotion to display what hey can do for the casting agents in the room as well as any other VIPs. These pieces are culled from existing works and can be a challenge to find one that works well for just this purpose. Luckily as this is a scene by scene site I am in a unique place to be able to develop a scene with some range in it exclusively for this purpose because I don’t have any other material to attach it to.

Int. church – day
John Roberts sr – male 50s, grey hair, medium build, dressed in a black suit.

John: It’s not often one meets a man he can call is truest friend. Somebody who will be there for him no matter what. Somebody he can count on to do the things he himself can’t. Somebody who sees the best in you when all you can see is the worst. There was a time I called no man friend. When all I saw were enemies and traps around me. He was the one who always told me to hold out hope. To know that tomorrow would be better.

I remember this time, it was in my “wild days”, when I meet this beautiful young woman. Margret. She showed me a world of no regrets, a palce where safety was simply an injection or a line away. I would cozy up in her arms, we’d take our turnoquets off together and ride into the sunset on a blissful cloud.

Still in this dark haze of nievite that I was riding, this man never gave up on me. He came to me often, not with lecture but with little strings. A concert, a movie, a dinner, just something to entice me into another direction. He didn’t offer judgment, he offered his love.

You know my father always told me “son” he’d say “Son there are only two things you can count on in this life, death and women problems”, well he was right, but he never met my friend or he would have surly added him to that list.

There;s this joke I remember, if I recall it right now. “Blonde walks into a bar, asks the bartender for a drink. Bartender pours her a Vodka strait and places it in front of her. Blonde asks the bartender what he wants her to do with it. Bartender tells her to drink it. Blonde says I guess thats why they call it a drink.” Yeah I know it’s not funny, my friend read it in Playforum or something, he thought it was hilarious.

I guess my point is this. There is no way to replace a friend, and this day we lay him to rest I know the world is a darker place. For today the world lays down a good man, and I lay to rest a son.


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