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There are a lot of Comic book/graphic novel based movies and series, but none have really taken an original approach. I can see the reasoning, because the established properties already have fan bases and name recognition. With the appropriate failure of “The Cape” it isn’t likely to see another original character come to life. I have always been a fan of origin stories. the biggest problem is that you already know where your headed. The biggest problem with the cape is although it was original and had an open ended finallity it pretty much established it’s main hero early on giving him little room to grow. Along with a miriad of other terrible story choices it’s doom was inevitable. I have an idea for a much more long game approch to an original “Hero/Superhero” character origins story. It was with this and the popularity of the comic book genre in general that I decided to put a scene from my own inspired series here.

Int- Day living room of small one bedroom appartment downtown ‘insert urban generic here’
Tommy – male 26 – light brown hair about 2 inches long all over, medium build
Geina – female 24 – black hair blue eyes mid length hair in pony tail, thin/average build.

Geina uses an alcohol laced gaze to swab Tommy’s facial scraps and small lacerations. Tommy’s entire apperance is a bit worn and cut up. Tommy sits on the couch watching her work on him.

Geina: I can’t believe you’re really this stupid. I mean, of all the people I know. You really suprised a lot of people and not in a good way.
Tommy: What did you really expect, the guy needed help. He was there, I was there, He needed help.
Geina: And now look who needs help.
Tommy: I can do this mys-
Geina: Shut up, you know that not what I meant.You have a good decent life, you are your own boss, you keep whatever hours you want. I have never seen you want for anything.
Tommy: Then you weren’t looking hard enough.
Geina: You realize your not the only person affected by this. what if people found out? What would happen to your buisness? Your employees. They need those jobs.
Tommy: You want me to live a lie simply because James might have to get another job if I don’t? Or Jessica has to find another desk to ride?
Genia: Don’t be rediculous, I just mean your actions have consequenses.
Tommy: Noted.

Genia steps back, decides she’s done and tosses the gaze into the bowl with the alcohol in it.

Genia: You need to let the police do their jobs. Thats what they get paid for.
Tommy: Just because somebody pays you doesn’t make you special. I can do what they won’t. What they can’t. What they shouldn’t.
Genia: No I am pretty sure they can die doing stupid stuff just as easily, only their families get a pension if they do, what do you leave behind?
Tommy: Justice. Look I didn’t make this decision easly. I never even intended it to go this far. I just realized, each time I helped. How much it helped me.
Genia: Helped you get hurt and maybe worse.
Tommy: This isn’t somethng I can explain and you’ll simply understand. I apperciate the help, I really do, but I have a path now and I need to see where it leads.
Genia: I guess it’s lucky you live next to a nurse then isn’t it?


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