The Ongoing Dick

This is a peice of a script idea I had for an ongoing collection of scenes. It is supposed to be a part of a new sort of talk show like series. Only in talk shows guests come and talk about thier projects. In my series if you had a musical guest on they played music, if an actor came on they acted, etc. Makes it more interesting when scenetises and economic proffessors came on to find an entertaining way to portray that. One of my ideas, however was to have a continuing story centered around the “host” in which he plays a Private detective. This enables us to take the story and character to a lot of different places in a lot of different senarios. Each actor would play a different role when they came on the show. Always a two person scene with few exceptions. Host and guest. The guest can play a recurring character or a different one each time they visited depending on preference. This is a scene inspired by that idea of one of those single scenes they don’t neccessarily give context, just exsist as a fun way to present the talents of any particular acting guest.

INT – night office third story up
Creed – male 30s
Jen – female 20s

Jennifer enters the office via the main door

Jen: Your Detective Creed right?
Creed: Last I checked
Jen: I need your help
Creed: Good thing I don’t run a fast food joint then I guess.
Jen: Speaking of Fast Food…
Creed: Your kidding right?
Jen: Actually yes I am.
Creed: You almost had me there for a moment.
Jen: You heard about the woman who was killed in the river district last week?
Creed: I have ears don’t I?
Jen: That was my sister. They say she drown in the river.
Creed: You obviously don’t agree.
Jen: My sister was an olympic second tier swimmer. She doesn’t drown.
Creed: I’m assuming you told the detectives on the case and they failed to care.
Jen: She’s dead I know that, It’s not even justice I am after, I am just afraid this might be bigger then just her.
Creed: You suspect you might be in danger?
Jen: I’m just not sure, thats why I need your help.
Creed: I understand. Look I have friends in the department, I’ll check in on the official case and We’ll go from there.
Jen: Thank You. Your secretary told me what your standard fee is. I paid her for two weeks in advance already. If you solve it before then consider it a bonus.
Creed: Thats mighty generous of you. Why don’t you go home, get some rest and I’ll look into this. I have a buddy who runs a private security service. I’ll send him over to your place. You can then disscuss terms with him for somebody to watch your home in case anybody wants to harm you.
Jen: I appreciate that, your seretary has my information.
Creed: Excellent. I’ll keep you updated.

Creed stands from his seat, shakes Jen’s hand and Jen exits the room. Creed pulls a cell phone from the inside of his coat and begines to dial a number. Fade to Black.


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