Love in a time of Reason

one of the most difficult things for a writer is writing a love scene. Not a sex scene but a scene between two people confessing thier love for each other. This is difficult for two main reasons. Reason one; Love scenes appear to some degree in almost ever movie and series ever made. So it has been done to death. This means actual originality is extraordinarily rare. Reason two; Due to the repeditive apperences everything has been done at least once and for the most part a lot of times. This means that things become clique. They get overused and become cheesy. Sometimes because they were cheesy to begin with and sometimes simply because we have become ove exposed to the methods.

Side Note* You may notice the great lack of specificity in a lot of my decriptions and a great lack of emotinal and tonal direction in my scenes. This is not done by accident this is purposfully done. It is my belief that a Director should make thise desicions on scene. By leaving my scenes more open it gives the person creating the scene more room to create his/her own vision based on the script instead of trying to assume the direction the project will eventualy go.
For instance, if somebody wants to make somebody thin instead of fat they can. If they want to make somebody tall instead of short they can. If an urban enviroment I might see as Detroit on 5th and Main gets changed to Romania they so be it. The point is the core sentiment of the scene gets preserved. Also keep in mind that a line can be done several effective ways. Sometimes a line you might envision needs to be angrly shouted actually comes off more powerful is spoken softly and with control, thats how it should be done. I believe the writers purpose is to provide a blue print for the story to be told and not to bog down a production with proprietary vision.

Ext – Day 2:pm
Cafe in an urban historic district.
Vanessa – female 23
Erik – Male 25

Both sit across from each other at a table for two a salad sits on the plates in front of each and she has coffee in her cup, he is drinking tea.

Erik: I’m glad you came
Vanessa: How can I not, such a wonderful invitation
Erik: I needed to see you and I wasn’t sure when you were going to be in town again
Vanessa: The life of Regional Manager I’m afraid
Erik: It’s just last time you came through you never called
Vanessa: Sorry I was only in town for the afternoon, it was all business I didn’t want to call just to say I was here, but I couldn’t see you. I thought it was best if you didn’t know at all.
Erik: I still would have liked to know, maybe I could have driven you to the airport of something.
Vanessa: All taken care of by the company, but thanks for the offer I’ll keep it in mind. Besides, I’m here now, can’t we concentrait on that.
Erik: I only brought it up, because I wanted to offer you an alternative.
Vanessa: To what? my job? You know i like where I am at and my Boss is retiering soon. He told me when he does I’ll get his job and I can stay in one place more double my salary.
Erik: No, no, not to your job thats great. I remember you telling me this last time we had dinner. I Mean to all this cross traffic, you going one way, and me another and only on occasion do we seem to meet int he middle.
Vanessa: Interesting you seem to have given this a fair amout of thought.
Erik: Thats an understatement. In fast I have thought of little else.
Vanessa: hmm, not sure I’m going to like where this is going.
Erik: Should I stop?
Vanessa: No, I am curious now if nothing else.
Erik: I told you before I have a two bedroom Apartment. Well Thats about to Change.
Vanessa: How so?
Erik: I just got Promoted to Sr Eritor at Blogsite and It come with a bit of a raise as well. I am moving into a three bedroom condo next month.
Vanessa: Thats wonderful you’ll have plenty of room for all your passion projects.
Erik: Exactly, and one in particular that I want to get started on as soon as I can.
Vanessa: Look Erik Sweety-
Erik: Oh Crap…
Vanessa: Just let me finish please
Erik: I’m sorry go right ahead.
Vanessa: Let me get my promotion. Let me get settled in and see what my schedual will be like then. This isn’t about a situation I don’t want to be in it’s about the futur. I need to secure mine and plan around it. I can’t do that if I make a major transition like this right now. Please understand.
Erik: You’re right of course. It’s not that I don’t understand or that I don’t want you to succeed, I guess I just wanted to put it out there. You know. So you can think about it.

Vanessa pulls Erik’s hand towards herself and kisses him for a moment, then kisses his forehead and releases his hand.

Vanessa: Thank you, I’m not sure any other guy would understand. Which is why I’m not with them.
Erik: You know I’d never try to pressure you into something your not ready for, I just think it’s best we get these things out in the open so they don’t become an issue later.
Vanessa: I’ve got to go, my meeting upstairs is about to begine and I can’t start being late.
Erik: I understand, I’ll see you after?
Vanessa: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vanessa takes a last swallow of coffee, looks at her untouched salad and walks into the main building beside the cafe.



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