The Profits of Diversity

One of the more difficult things for a writer to do is write a debate between three or more people. Why not just two? because diametricly opposing view points are nature and easy, one says right the other left. When you do three or more you suddenly have to put a bit more color into it then just the black and white. Then you have to find the voices for those characters and stick to them for the entier script. Luckly this is a scene blog and not a script of the week blog (Can you imagine?). Therefore it will still be a challenge, but to a much smaller degree in a single scene as opposed to an entier script.

Just a side note. If this site ever became popular (Geneticly modified flying pigs anybody?) then I’d like to progress to not just writing a scene a week, but to actually filming that scene as well. The scene would be weekly as well as the scene, however the filmed version would be a week after the script was published. Not talking Big budget sets just some local talen putting together a small production for practice and fun. Also I guess I’d need a new computer for both a more consistent scene writing schedual and the video editing software.

Int – large room on a set. Round table aprox; 10′ wide. four chairs one empty ont he left most side.
Jackie – female late 30s brown hair
Linda – Female early 50s grey hair
Rodger – male mid twenties
Seating is Jackie, Linda, Rodger left to right. All seated facing camera in a well lit room

Rodger: Welcome to Thursday Line-Up where we discuss the latest and greatest topics of the day, from fashin, to fame, to econimics, and medicine.
Linda: Today our main starting topic is Healthcare
Jackie: Ian is out today due to a cancelled flight from a jounalism convention he was attending, but will be here tomorrow to join us for Imperialism vs Fashism, the truth behind the myths.
Linda: Rodger I was reading in the paper today-
Rodger: You still read a printed newspaper?
Linda: Yes most educated people do Rodger.
Jackie: Come on Rodger don’t interupt, she was making a point, I believe.
Linda: Thank You Jackie. As I was saying, I was reading in this mornings edition about a couple who’s son died because of an internal infection. Something highly treatable. The problem was the constraints on the budget his health care plan had didn’t allow the extra tests that would have diagnosed it in time.
Rodger: Really? Arn’t those pretty standard tests even in, like a free clinic?
Linda: Actually not anymore, you see the chemicals used in those tests are actually quite expensive, so to save money they simply skip a lot of what used to be standard testing proceedures in order to minimize costs.
Rodger: You mean Maximize profit?
Linda: Isn’t it the point of all buisness to be finacially successful and make profit?
Rodger: Is it profitable to cut your client base by 20% more a year bu missdiagnosis, or missing the illness all together resulting in death?
Jackie: There is a statistical survey which concluded that only 5% of those 20% could have actually been saved at the point in which those diagnosis could have been performed.
Rodger: I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was war.
Linda: In a way yes it’s a war against the job creating class.
Rodger: We’ll then Colatoral Damage is just a part of life, It’s not like we have a standing statute for a pursuit of happiness or anything. lets just all live in fear of the health care lottery.
Jackie: I’m not sure thats a fair comparison, lotteries are for profi-
Rodger: Lotteries are games of chance in which a small margine will win out. In this care lose out. If your the 5% then your just S.O.L. sorry, budgets and all that.
Jackie: You’re painting this topic into a corner, this isn’t about ideology it’s about a free market economy, for right or wrong thats what we have.
Linda: There are virtually no companies who don’t lose market shares due to one reason or another, the trick is to balance out that loss with gains in other areas.
Rodger: Well of course I mean as long as we keep the money flowing and having children to pick up where we left off the death toll is acceptable. Exactly what is the percentage point that defines acceptable?
Jackie: This has obviously swirled out of control and I can see we’re not going to have a civil conversation about this. Which is good because we have come to a comercial break.
Rodger: If Health coverage is turned into a strait commodity pretty soon survival will depand only on the social standings of it’s people then where will our democracy be?
Jackie: Comming up next The do’s and Don’t when arriving at a work party, located at an individuals home.
Linda: If your uncomfortable with the Free Market I can recomend some good countries you may want to visit instead. (Line is faded into obscurity as a fade to back happens in transition to a commercial)


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