A War of Words

An Iconic test of a writers abilities is the “War Speech” or the half time “Motivation Speech” which except for a few specifics here and there, they are essentially the same. It most likely goes with out saying, but like all Iconic moments in script writing, you must beware of cliche. Cheese is another big factor and it ties hand in hand, often enough, with cliche. The point of a speech like this in a script is not to motivate the character in the senario, because lets face it, you write it they do whatever you tell them to. The point is to motivate the audience. To get the person/People watching to be motivated towards the upcomming event. It is often a mistake of writers to forget that and use justifications like “Well in _____ it would have been more motivatinal to do things this way”. Thats probabley right, however, if your going for complete accuracy, you might want to forget the big bugets because it’s typical for those types of films to do poorly in the box office numbers game. Keeping in mind that not only do you have to motivate the people you are writing from, in the guise of pumping up the characters, you must keep out of bore/cheese/cliche landminds, this is my humble attempt.

Ext Night – Courtyard of a southwestern villa.

Marco – Acting head of the rebellion early 50s, salt and peper hair, scare on his left cheeck and right jaw. Stands on a 2nd floor balcony.

Rebels – Poor dress, a scattering of arms in the form of a few rifles(military grade Semi-Auto, but older), hand guns, and knives. Standing in the courtyard facing the balcony.

Marco: You have all followed me this far. I will never forget that. Well not for the next few minutes we may have to live.
Rebels: Scattering of laughter.
Marco: We have wounded them, but not fataly. I fear we may not get to see this to the end we had hoped. Will our names go down in history as anything? WIll they wipe us out of exsistence, cover up our deeds, and send our relatives false information about our deaths? Maybe. Are we even going to be able to put up a good enough fight to, int he end, honor our selves and our convictions? Maybe not.

The rebeles start looking around at each other slightly confused by the tone of the speech.

Marco: Is this depressing? Sure, if you think that we are some how fighting for those things. If you believe that your name on a momument to the freedoms you instilled in others is the right kind of end. If you believe that having your family name grow in power because of your affiliation with the new order, is an ends justifing this means. Your are Right! You have failed, You will die, and nobody will care!

The rebels starting to look angry with visable growing contension.

Marco: Yes I agree, this is upsetting. I agree this seems hopless, it seems pointless. I agree, but wait. Let me tell you why I am here, why I refuse to leave, why I refuse to give up. Let me tell you of, not a man, but an Ideal. Not mine, not yours, but of an Idea that belongs to everybody. Even those we fight against. We are not here because we want to get our message out. Our message is out there. We are not here because we fight for the just and those who can not fight for themselves. We fight because it’s what we can do. We fight because when everybody else closed the door to danger, walked away from risk, and turned up thier nose to the plight of others, we acted. We don’t represent some motivated rebelion, we don’t represent some minority rising up against thier oppressors. We represent everybody who has the right to have thier own freedoms. To voice thier opinion, to challange goverment who has become too big to represent it’s people any longer. We rise up to show them that years of servitude is not unoticed or unchallanged by all. We rise up because we can, not because we must.

The rebels start to look energized and the energy is starting to turn twoards the speakers favor again.

Marco: If the wright brothers did not fly because they could, why would anybody? If you do not do what you are able to do because it’s worth doing then why should anybody do anything? If we let greed and power be our only motivations in life, why should we expect anybody to do anything different. We do not do this because we expect to win or because we want to be remembered. We do this because we can, we prove that it not only is possible but that it will happen. You can not oppress a people with out true freedom brusting forth and enraging it’s people. We stand tonight, for every man whoman and child who will do the same. Not because they remember us, but because if we can do this. Then so can they. If we will do this. So will they.

The rebels start to hold thier weapons up high and shout randomly in support.

We die tonight not to ring out our battle cry to rally others. We die tonight because of the battle cry that is the human spirit. Now I need to know. Did you come here to fight? Or did you come here to die? If you came here to die we can and will oblige, but if you came here to fight then you will never die, because all of humanity fights with us tonight, the spirit of all the opressed fight with us tonight. We fight because we can!

Sounds of artillery fire start up as an assult of the outer walls begins. The rebels flee the open square for better cover, Marco walks away from the balcony and heads inside to grab his weapons.


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