The Deep Doubt

It is true that men and women are different. In fact at the extremes we could be different species and not just different genders. This difference is often exsaduated in aniqudotes and even on screen. When it becomes so different it’s apereant, it has a tendency to become generic and unrelatable. This is the reason that the opposite sexes have a difficult time getting thier opposing genders right when creating characters. We end up creating, either people we actually know, or our generic version of what we think they are. If you recreate a known person this can cause a lot of issues especially when delving into territory you have no experience with that person, not to mention how that person may feel about that portrayal. And the generic we have basicly gone over already.

So keeping all of that in mind I have decided to write a scene with a leading female protagonist in order to see how well I can do in seeing through the eyes of the opposite sex.It would be all too easy to go a very “girly” scene of buying a dress or having an all girls party with nothing to compare too it can be seen as being pretty accurate. I am choosing to pick a role more commonly thought of as a guys place in the typical on screen characterization, thusly giving a better change to follow through into the differences that may become a bit more appearant.

Int – night Deep cavern light by flashlights held by the characters and a fire from a campsite aprox 15′ away.

Isabel – mid 20s black long hair in a single braid. Grime from days undreground with little to no washing. Standard sized pack.
Jake – Late teens short dirty blonde hair, same grime carrying a light pack.
Trevor – early 30s 2 inch length light brown hair, grime as well, standard sized pack, hair seems a bit frayed as it kept shorter with a blade instead of getting it cut normaly.

Isabel shines her flashlight on a map, it seems to be a sort of hand drawn tunnel system on top of a map of the region (Oxaca, Mexico). Jake, and Trevor stand side be side across the map from her looking down at the map.

Isabel: It looks like were still two days out.
Jake: What about water?
Isabel: I told you theres an underground river exposed about half a day in from here. We can fill up there for the rest of the journey in.
Trevor: You mean there could be an underground river exposed there.
Isabel: Have I been there personaly yet? No, but the data is convinging.
Trevor: Convincing to you. I haven’t seen anything that proves to me there is anything there, but more rock.
Jake: Is that true? I mean you said this is largley untested technology. I mean you created it yourself, who knows if it’s ever reliable? We could end up-
Isabel: Get a hold of yourselfs. I told you I know what I’m doing. Why would I come down here just to die? I wouldn’t. This is a time sensitive find though. If we don’t get there soon we never will and it will be lost forever.
Trevor: Because of the quake.
Isabel: Just because you don’t believe me doesn’t give you the right to call me a liar.
Jake: Hey Trev thats no-
Trevor: Shut-up kid, you don’t know her like I do. Trust me this isn’t the first time she has done something like this. Last time it took almost a week longer to get back because of a cave-in and we both almost died.
Jake: What the hell Isabel? You didn’t think to mention that?
Isabel: Mention what? my entier lifes history to every intern that decides to come with me?
Jake: No, not everything, but it happens to be something I might want to know before we do something like th-
Trevor: Enough kid thats not helping, it’s too late for that now, but it’s not too late to turn back.
Isabel: Look you two can turn back if you want bu I have to see this through. Jake look, the time Trevor is talking about is why I came up with the new S.S.M.S.(SOnic Site Maping Susyem) devices. That way there are no more suprises like that.

Jake looks to Trevor to see if he backs down from his point.

Trevor: Now kid ask her how many times shes used that system in practical application.
Jake: How man-
Isabel: I heard the question Jake.
Jake: Sorry.
Isabel: That answer is none. This isn’t the first time I have used the devices, however and since I updated the firmware to Version 5 I have never had a false reading.
Trevor: Thats not the point and you know it
Isabel: Look I admit it’s still hard for the system to distinguish between solid and liquid based surfaces. There are signs that something is a liquid surface as opposed to a solid surface though. This site shows every indication I can get from the devices as they are currently designed to show me this is not rock. it’s something else. in this area, and with the data I collected it seems to be running pretty fast like a river, and underground exposed river.
Trevor: The only things I saw were slight abnormalities, no proof of anything.
Isabel: Jake look, I have been doing this for longer then Trevor. He has accompanied me on many expeditions but he has never had much of an interest in the scienece behind my inventions. I don’t blame him for not trusting the read outs. All I ask is that you trust me.
Jake: She’s right, I trust her. She has done nothing, but help me.
Trevor: You got a point kid. This is just a lot to risk for what I consider, and if Isabel was being perfectly honest with us, she would admit, is a maybe.
Isabel: Nothing is ever for certain. Nothing will ever happen just the way you want it, the larger the number of variables the greater chance for divergence. I know you have your doubts. I don’t, because I can’t. If I start to doubt I would give up. I’d go home and I’d never go out again. Doubt is a choice. I choose not to.
Trevor: Convienient.
Jake: You guys have about worn me out with all this I am calling it a night.
Isabel: Mid-Afternoon actually.
Jake: Whatever, it’s all night down here.

Jake walks away from the two others and curls up in a sleeping bag. He straps himself in before closing his eyes to sleep. They camp on a large fairly flat surface, but one bad dream can send somebody tumbeling off the 150 foot drop 5 feet from where Isabel still eyes the map.

Trevor: It would be better if you still had the original. I know you have a good memory but a hand drawn version doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.
Isabel: Yes well we can string Jake up for that little accident when we get back tot he surface.
Trevor: Deal.
Isabel: I’m kidding.
Trevor: I know, lets get some rest, The longer we wait, the more we sweat, the more water we lose. We need to get to that river.
Isabel: On that we can both agree. I’ll be there in a minute I just want to make sure we are where, were supposed to be.

Trevor takes his leave, slips in and straps himself to sleep. Isabel licks the end of her finger, smeers off part of the tunnel on the map. Takes out her pen and redraws it as a “Y” leading to a seperate tunnel system.

Isabel: Maybe not as good a memory.


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