Lights, Action…

Sparsity is something that a lot of action scripts have. Aside from being bereft of major portions of dialog most of the time, actions scenes in scrips can somethimes boil down to “Antagonist fights Protagonist”. There are plenty of scripts that are light on the details of action sequences with the intent that the director and stunt teams will be better suited to come up with the particulars. Some script writers, however, like to have total control overthe scene. They will script out lighting, angle, camera speed, and specific lenses. A lot of time the later method is applied by Directers who have a more intimate understanding of each shot they intend.

Personally I don’t have a vast knowlege of specifications on the technological end of the movie making experience. I am going to try my hand at a bit more of an action sequence then I have in the past however. I know that a lot of people have an easier time reading through an action sequence then just lines of dialog. The action can engange a lot more of the senses and thusly be a more imersive experience. Keeping in mind of course that scripts are dry and explanitive by nature. Not meant to be narritive, but instructional.

Int: Day – Toy Store. 4 colums of product 3 tables long with a break in the middle then 3 more after that. Store Aprox 30 x 50′. one exit in front with a single register and a 5′ area enclosed with a mid hieght wraparound counter. Bathrooms and a reciving door in the back.

Three people in the store; Cashier Teressa female late 30s behind the counter. Janet Female late 20s shopping in second to furthest aisle from cashier second set of rows. Vince Male early 40s one ailes in from cashier middle of first set of rows.

Aaron Man early 20s enters from front door dressed in a suit and tie, carrying a leather attache case.

Close up on Vince as his eyes dance momentarly to the man who just entered. Eyes back on product on the shelves.

Aaron picks up a box of building blocks and seems to search it’s label for a moment.

Janet rounds her ailes and heads to the furthest aisle in the store from the cashier.

Aaron puts the box down and heads twoards Vince’s location in the colums.

Vince takes a reaches out for a metal toy construction vehical aprox 12x12x24″ in size. Camera gets a close up shot as he kicks the bottoms of a box on the lower shelf. The box falls onto his foot. Due to a glare from the overhead lights the product is unidentifiable.

Aaron rounds the corner and heads towrds Vince closing the gap to aprox 12″. As Aaron crosses the 5′ mark away from Vince he drops the case he was carrying and detaches a handgun previously stuck on the backside of the case. Close up of Aarons hand and gun as it is pulled.

Vince slightly pivots to face Aaron and kicks the product that was on his foot towards Aaron, at the same time holding up the toy vehical.

Side view of the two from behind the aisle as Aaron gets a shot off The camera angle gets both men chest hieght up. The shot goes through the box labled “My First Chemical Lab” and a couple of colorful powders fly into the air towards Aarons face. You can see the toy truck in Vince’s hand get knocked away from camera as the bullet hits it.

Vince pulls a handgun from his pants where there is a false cover to hide the pocket which easly rips away (Close up of the pull). Shot now from side but no ailse in view. Vince fire his gun as Aaron spits and coughs away the chemical mixture he was hit with. Aaron falls back and hits the ground.

Mid shot of Aaron not getting up a small pool of blood forming under him.

Close up of Vince as he looks towards the back door. Wide shot of back door as two men enter heading towards ajecent colums. Mid shot of Vince as he aims at the assailent on the furthest ailse as he rounds the corner and shots in through the products ont he shelves scattering some of them as the shot goes through. Clost up of the assailent falling forward with several peices of building block lodged in his back from a display he fell back into when shot.

A woman and a man enter the front of the store, the man takes a shot at vince camera from vinces POV seeing the shot hit near by boxes. The woman shoots the cashier. Janet huddeled in the back corner on the same side as the cashier since the beggining shaking with fear. The female assasin fires off the rest of the clip at Janet killing her. Shot of Janet as she slumps over. Mid shot of female assasin tossing handgun away and taking an automatic pistol from inside her jacket.

Vince, camera shot from slightly over behind right shoulder, pops his head up and picks off the male assasin. Mid shot of vince as he takes a left shoulder bullet hit from behind. Vince crouches down and holds his shoulder for a moment in pain.

A spray of toy debris floods the air around Vince just over head.

Mid shot as Vince quickly climbs over the ailse behind him to now arrive second to the last ailse from cashier. Male assailent rounds the middle of the colums to vinces former position just in time to see him leap over. Toy debris sprays the air again. Shot switches to wide shot of female assasin as she rounds the same corner and drops the empty clip from her gun.

Vince heads through the gap between row sections and weaves back to the further most ailse and empties his clip with cover fire. Mid shot of vince as he drops the empty clip out and replaces it in quick succession.

The male assailent hoping to catch Vince between clips rounds the bend in the mid colum break shooting at Vince and slips on some toy logs Vince has placed there as a trap. Able to catch himself on the end of the shelf to keep himself from falling over completley Vince emptys his new clip into the assailent, whom them hits the ground dead.

A large black of toy and box peices fly right in front of Vince as the sound of a shotgun rings in the store.

The Sound of Sirens in the distance is heard assumingly headed thier way. Vince drops to the ground as a rapid set of shot gun hits blows product bits all over the top of him as the hits strafe the middle shelf right above him.

After the shots the weapon can be heard hitting the ground and the sound of foot steps running out the front door.

Vince takes a few quick breaths. Drops his empty clip. Pats his jacket and realizes he is out. He heads for the back door with haste. He stops only for a moment to see Janet slumped over in the corner opposite his escape. He shakes his head and heads out the back door into the sunlight.


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