Turn of the Tide

It’s easy to spot a villain and a friend to the hero. At least in most movies I have seen. When somebody is going to betray the hero it seems a bit obvious. As if the foreshadowing has to be so strong you practically have to hit the audience over the head with it so when it happens you “Believe” it. The art of molding a character change is an advanced one. You have to be able to leave clues through out the entire story while still leaving believable doubt to the characters true intentions. In some cases they literally change the character from good, to bad, to good again. This makes any true character arch unconvincing and flat. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to do this in a single scene as a good character change is playing the long game story wise and can sometimes take several sequels to complete the transformation.

So I have decided to take on a different challenge today and instead write another, often riddled with cheese and clique writing challenge. The inspirational moment. That’s the moment in a characters life associated with an epiphany of some sort. It transforms the character sometimes temperarly, like in a sports movie. It can change a character for good when dealing with a particularly hard cornered change in a characters trajectory. This xan be the moment that inspires the hero to win the game, or a villan to aid the hero in a time of mutual crisis.

Ext- Day
Public park (Garden centric)
extras permeate the background
Doug – Male early 40s teacher in high school economics
James – Male (16-17) student of Dougs

Sitting on a bench (Doug and James) 30 feet from a medium sized pond. Trees, planters and all manner of vegetation populates the park. Doug is reading a paper holding it between himself and James who seems to be waiting a bit impatiently.

Doug: It’s not bad
James: All I care about is if I pass
Doug: You really think thats’ the whole point?
James: Of course it’s the whole point, Mrs Shallos said it was
Doug: You’re talking a bit of a literal view of her point
James: That you’re way of saying I don’t know what I’m talking about?
Doug: Of course not.
James: Well what are you trying to say?

Doug Places the paper on the bench scribbles a bit on it with a red pen and hands it back. Close up of the paper ofver James right shoulder a few marked off questions and a “B+” written across the top.

Doug: Do you even know what the point of school is, what the point of passing is, other then simply to do it.
James: The point is The law says I have to go and my Mom says I have to pass.
Doug: Don’t forget Mrs Shallos.
James: She’s only on me because I have to pass to stay in this school. Otherwise who cares.
Doug: You should.
James: Some po-dunk school in a middle-class neighborhood and I’m supposed to be impressed. So what if they transfer me, can’t be any worse then this.
Doug: You watch a lot of news James?
James: No my mom does, guess every once in a while I learn something.
Doug: I understand, because you have no choice that learning must seem like a bit of a punishment.
James: Just a waste of time is all, I have google, and wikipedia. I don’t need school.
Doug: Both are excellent inventions. I use them both frequently. They aren’t intelligence, and wisdom though, they are simply portals to it.
James: I thought you taught Economics, not philosophy.
Doug: It may surprise you to know that even teachers can be many things.
James: Like a Wanna be student councilor?
Doug: No, like a friend.
James: You’re my friend now? Because you let me retake a test and I passed?
Doug: I am giving you a test, and no you haven’t passed yet.
James: What the hell does that mean?
Doug: It means your tests don’t stop when you put down your pencil. What do you want to be when you get out of here?
James: A C.E.O.
Doug: Why?
James: Cause they makes a lot of money and my mom says I should.
Doug: Let me ask a different question.
James: You’re asking permission now?
Doug: No. If you could get paid for doing anything, other than nothing, what would it be?
James: That’s stupid.
Doug: A stupid question?
James: No a stupid answer my mom always say-
Doug: I’m not asking your mom. I’m asking you.
James: I’ve always wanted to be a theoretical physicist.
Doug: Really? You mean like in that T.V. show?
James: No way, they throw around physics buzz words all the time and Party conversation physics. They never get in to the real thing, the break down and practical application of fermeons, and bosons, the revolutionary strides in string theory, or the practical application of quantum communications.
Doug: Sounds like you’ve given this a bit of thought.
James: Nothing better than going online and reading up on cutting edge quantum theory and unified theory postulations.
Doug: You know there is a lot of math involved in that.
James: Yeah I Ace my math though so not much of a problem there, and Mr Halston is pretty cool.
Doug: You know there is an AP-Math class that Ms Littlefield teaches. You should be in that.
James: Maybe, but my grades weren’t good enough in other subjects to get in.
Doug: Tell you what. You promise me A’s in those classes on you’re next test, because I know you can do it, and I’ll Make sure you’re in that class starting next week.
James: Really? Na I can’t my Moms would get upset, she says I don’t need it for a job in management. She says I’ll get the math I need just taking my G.E. courses in college.
Doug: Tell you what I’m going to dig up a few papers I have at home, they name a few millionaire physicists and science majors in them, not to mention the correlation between good math grades and a higher rate of pay even in management. You can take them back to your mom. If she still isn’t sure, I’ll speak to her personally.
James: You’d do that? I mean why? You don’t like want me to “Thank” you do you?
Doug: (Laughs) Look I’m a teacher this is sort of my jam, you know what I mean? You promise me those A’s and by the end of the day I’ll have all the info you need to catch up for the AP class.Then tomorrow I’ll give you the papers to take to your mom.
James: I’m not sure what to say, Nobody has every really taken my side before. It’s sort of scary really.
Doug: I understand, but a journey of a thousand foot steps stars with a single stride.
James: Not back to this again.
Doug: (Laughs) It’s time to head back, lunch is almost over. We’ll get this squared away. Just keep you’re side of the bargain.

They both get up and head off from the park back towards campus.


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