Baker and the Candle Stick maker were busy

It seems that every John, dick, and harry believe they can not only write well, but write/direct/act so unbeliveably that they should do it all in anything they do so that the public at large will see thier every effort anf wonder why they aren’t getting paid millions to do it yet. At least this seems to be the philosophy of a lot of indipendant C grade horror movies I have seen, I’d say latley but really it’s par for the course. it used to be that if you didn’t have a lot of money and wanted to make a splash into the world of film, that you tried to do something, either good, or evokative in some way IE: Exploitation films geared towards a specific demographic. Basicly a way to get your name out there for doing well, even if it’s not a genera thats generally accepted. The cult status alone can garentee you bigger opportunities. At least they did their best though. Now days it seems everybody with a bit of money thinks they are Steven Speilburg reincarnated. He’s not even dead yet. Now I am not talking home-movie or buddies with a camera and some time on thier hands sort of stuff. No I mean ones what are actually trying to be legitimate movies with production companies (Even if newly created), casts, credits, and budgets to suggest they have the ability to do something worth watching. Then they do worse then any fan boy created fiction could even dream of. It saddens me to see the opportunity wasted on such a lack of talent. If they wanted to get into the movie industry, even if they want to try writing and directing. what they really should do first is try to find some people with some actual talent first. Learn from them. Do a film they can participate in, but make good. Then their name and production company will have some legitimacy when they try to go on with their career. It seems that almost weekly I see anothet terrible horror movie come out that suffers greatly from a lack of direction, and a good script. The cast is usually terrible, however, a good director can make that work and can get good (If not great) performances out of even the worst actors. The budget is irrelevant, if the writer is worth anything they can adapt the script to what they have to work with. It can still be good, but time after time you see the same person Produced/directed/wrote and sometimes starred in the film and thier ego kept them from making something decent out of a good opportunity.

The reason I bring all this up is because Horror is a perfect genera for low budger film making. You can make a great film for a little bit of money. So when I see these low budget films I cringe at the lost possibilities. I had a story I wrote when I was in elementry/Jr High that was based on a lot of 80s Horror/Slasher franchises. something that I never really thought about seriously in terms of writing a script for it. Every time I see one of these terrible movies I revisit the though of turning my old idea into a decent low budget movie. It’s something I think is badley needed in that budget range of movie making recently. The story I came up with is a bit like “Friday the 13th” in the the first film is a bit different from the rest of the franchise. The first film is a lot more of a crime drama/suspence, where as the sequals are all strait up slasher/horror. Thats because the first film is an origin story. I know a lot of people say that if you explain the monster that you take away any power he has to be scary. In cases like Rob Zombie (Whom I am not a huge fan of but I do like) and the Halloween Remake, it’s not that he explained Micheal Meyers that was the problem. It’s that he made him the definition of a clique serial killer. You can give more substance and more characterization to a monster and still keep him scary and menacing. The line is that you can’t explain the “Magic”. Never explain why Jason Vorhees Can come back to life, or why you can’t stop Meyers, or how Kruger can inhabit dreams and control them to kill the dreamers. This is a scene from the origin story movie of my franchise.

Int – day

Upstairs in a two story upper-middle class home. One character Jack on one knee, dressed in a buisness suit examining something on the ground. His back is to the camera. Second character Mike standing behind him to left in frame watching over first character. Also dressed in a buisness suit.

Jack – male 28
Mike – Male 36

Camera pulls around behind Mike and circles around till we see the room a bit more clearly now. Blood stains on the floor and wall a few days old at least. Jack is examining a mark in the floor next to a dried pool of blood a chalk outline next to the pool. A smaller chalk outline where a child was slumped against the opposite wall.

Mike: see it’s like I said
Jack: He didn’t do it
Mike: I told you we found his prints on the weapon and his DNA at the scene
Jack: His DNA is here because he was my partner and he came to home home often
Mike: To your wifes bedroom?
Jack: Yeah even here, he was a good friend she liked to come up here and show off some of her new work, she kept everything on her computer, it was in the corner there.

Jack points to a desk, the draws pulled out and empty and a light dust imprint where a monitor used to sit on top.

Mike: You believe what you want to, but he still killed them, his prints are on the knife
Jack: He was a good cook, he would often use the kitchen knife at my house, none of this means anything
Mike: Look I only brought you here to prove a point, you know your not allowed anywhere near this case officially
Jack: Like I care about that
Mike: Ok this was a bad idea, I’m sorry I just thought this might give you a bit of closure

Jack stands up and faces Mike

Jack: No this was an excellent idea, I’m glad you let me see this, it proves his innocence to me with out a doubt
Mike: Look Luke was a good guy and all but if you think he’s not capable –
Jack: No, we’re all capable. It’s not that. I just know he wouldn’t do this, I also know he’s left handed
Mike: So was Jimi Hendrix I’ll get a journelist
Jack: The person who did this was right handed
Mike: Bull crap look there all these cuts were made by somebody using their left hand
Jack: Yes using thier left hand, but look at the lack of percision in these marks and the way they seem to weave back and forth when cutting. This is a person who is right handed, but doing this left handed in order to frame Luke. Now that I can see that I know it’s not him. Not that I ever really considered it
Mike: You’re crazy you know that? Telling me you can tell if somebody is left handed or not from a few marks on the ground, your nuts. Thats going to be your proof, that the cuts look wierd so it couldn’t have been Luke. Good luck on that one, lets go
Jack: Yeah thats a good idea

Jack heads out the door towards the stairs while Mike lingers in the room for a moment then follows

Mike: Hey wait up, I’m not 18 anymore you know

Jack makes it to the bottom of the stairs and looks up waiting. Mike walks down the stairs towards Jack

Mike: You know we really shou-

Jack pushes Mike with both hands knocking him back against the stairs

Mike: What the hell Jack?

Jack pounces on Mike grabbing his gun from it’s holster and tossing it out of the room through a connected doorway.

Mike: This isn’t funny Jack, I think I bruised something, get off me

Jack slugs mike accross the face, gives mike just enough time to go for his secondary weapon in the shoulder harness then swats it away

Mike: This is enough Jack, you let me up now or your done, you hear me done

Jack slugs Mike again in the face and gets up into a crouch with his foot crushing Mikes right arm under it, blood running from mikes swollen lip

Jack: Not such a wise guy now eh? Who killed my family?
Mike: I don’t know what your talking about
Jack: Who killed them?
Mike: Your insane I didn’t even known them
Jack: Your a dirty little cop who takes bribes for looking the other way, A fact I never once told anybody in the force, so why come after my family?
Mike: Your a stupid idiot if you think anything you say now is going to mean anything
Jack: wait a minute. I went out that night because Rachel wanted some cold medicine for our daughter. You had no idea I would be out. You thought I’d be home didn’t you, you and your corrupt cop friend thought I would be home and that you could take care of me then. I’m guessing that since you didn’t find me there you decided not to try again so soon or it might look suspicious. You jerks are all the same, it’s smarter to just let dead dogs lie. if you kill everybody who has dirt on you, you’ll run out of customers and friends really quick.
Mike: This wasn’t about you. This was about…
Jack: About what? About what?
Mike: You got nothing on me you can use in court, just some he said she said crap nobody cares about, and no judge in this town will prosecute. Now unfortunatly you’ve make yourself too much of a problem for us to simply look the other way about. All you had to do was go with the story, follow the clues we gave you.
Jack: I did follow them, and they led me to you. Now I’m glad you told me about your little plans now that I’ve dug up a bit more of the truth, it makes things simpler for me.

Jack pulls out a hunting knife from behind his shirt and brings it in front of Mike. It’s old and rusted and dull

Mike: Whoa, whoa, you don’t want to do this, make it easy I’ll do it quick and nobody has to know but you and me
Jack: My father in law, well just a friends father at the time, gave this to me when I was 9. I used it everyday I was in the scouts. Even took it with me into the navy when I enlisted. As you can see I haven’t kept it up much since then. I suspect it’s been in a box in the basement getting sprnkled on by the broken window down there when it rains. You think it will still cut?
Mike: Hey, hey no it wasn’t my idea alright it wasn’t me I’ll give you names, I’ll give you proof just let me go and, you’ll never see me again

Jack takes the knife and pins Mikes left hand to the stair step with it and Mike screams out in pain

Mike: Penny, she was the one who came up witht he whole thing, talk to her if you want to find out who did it, I wasn’t there I was on a case. The mCkinskies case remember? I was on that I wasn’t even there, ask penny
Jack: Thanks Mike, your a good friend
Mike: So you’ll let me go?
Jack: For Old times sake

Jack pulls the knife from the hand and takes his foot off of Mikes arm. He then stabs Mike in the side of the head with the blade and leaves it in. Mike died instantly

Jack: in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritūs Sancti. I realease you into the makers hands. Good luck with that

Jack gets up off the stairs, he walks over to the door, grabs and puts on his coat off the rack and heads outside. Camera watches from behind as he exits and slowly pulls up the stairs till it rests above Mikes impailed head and cuts to the next scene


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