Birth of an Icon

I think I am not alone in being a huge Star Wars geek. Trying to take on the main characters or any real connection to already established names and Identities can be tricky, both logisticly, and with rights issues. Just taking on am established franchise, even with fan fiction, and what was once the Expanded Universe now dubbed “Star Wars: legends” can be slippery ground. For a writer like me, however, it’s worth treding lightly into this field. In order to keep this as copyright free as possible, given the inability to be completly unassociated I will be doing a scene in the spirit of the new off Saga spin off realm.

Putting my Nerdom aside for a moment this still pauses several problems for writers. Dealing with established universes means being religated to what it already in place and considered cannon. It is even more difficult if you considered that most of the time you will also be dealing with pre-established characters, situations, and Lore. Where others see a problem, however, a cleaver writer will see a puzzle that needs to be solved. The best way to solve a puzzle is to take in all the variables, find out whats solid, whats bendable, and whats irrelavant to your particular vision and script. A lot of writers take the lazy way out and rewrite the lore and established timeline completely. They justify it was nessecary in order to bring thier vision and story to life. Often in these cases the story, nor the film do well. Dispite what might be the writers good intentions to create a good story, the fact that they step on the very property they are writing for often causes them to lose the core audience, and the whimsical adhearence to mostly irrelevant facts in order to disguse this as still int he same universe leaves the general movie going audience with confusion and often boredom.

INT – Night
World: Bentris 2
Regis Corporation: R&D Department advanced weapons division

Lash’ra – Male Cerean
Gant – Female Human
Ote Hevin – Female Twi’lek

Sitting in a room, three characters in front of monitors in cubicals. The cubicals open up into the rest of the room filled with tables. The tables are cluttered with parts and half finished projects. The table nearest Lash’ra is filled with power devices and various batteries. They speak to each other with out looking up from thier work on thier respective monitors.

Lash’ra: Did you try Ashonium?
Gant: Yeah, it’s unstable
Ote: Did you try the various Hardis Isotops?
Lash’ra: They actually work really well, but not good enough for Project LS53924
Gant: I still think we’re missing something, Maybe we should re-visit the Plasma Matrix
Lash’ra: What did you say?
Gant: The Plamsa Matrix, If we could reduce the power cost, then we could increase the possibilities for power
Lash’ra: I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier
Ote: What didn’t you see?
Lash’ra: Ote You still have that meteorite partical from Ord Mandell?
Ote: : Yeah but it’s Asonium, thats too unstable remember?
Lash’ra: I remember, just bring it please

Lash’ra gets up from his desk and walks over to the table nearest him. Ote gets up from her seat and grabs the rock fragment from the shelf abover her cubical and brings it over. Places it on the table and waits to see what he will do with it. Gant stops what he is doing and peeks out from around his cubical wall to see whats happening.

Lash’ra: Perfect, this is perfect
Ote looks over at Gant who also seems to have no idea what he is talking about. Lash’ra takes the fragment over to a large machine near the door to the room opposite the cubicals. Lash’ra opens a lid in the device and places the rock inside. He closes the lid, it snaps into place. Lash’ra then pushes a few buttons on devices control panel. Lash’ra takes a step back and the machine hums to life.

Lash’ra: Ote I know you were looking into this as a supliment to the hull armor, in order to give it a little more give, and allow it to absorb impact damage a bit more, but I think we’ve been missing something here.
Ote: Whats that?
Gant: You’re going to use it to strengthen the casings?

The Machine beeps twice and the hum stops, the control panel flashes slowly. Lash’ra walks over to the panel and spends a few moments reading the results on the panel. He then pops the lid open and removes the rock. He then walks over to another machine, a lot less bulky and with several articulated arms on it. Lash’ra places the rock into a panel under the table of the machine and pushes a few instructions ontot he control panel on the door.

Gant: Not power consumption, power distribution
Lash’ra: Exactly
Ote: Ok somebody needs to clue me in, why are you placing it into a chip manufacturing device?
Lash’ra: The energy transference properties of thie material far exceed anything we have tried yet, thats half the reason you wanted it for impact absorbtion.
Ote: This I know
Lash’ra: If I use this material on the boards and in the main power bus I can double the amount of power that makes it from the battery to the plasma induction rod.
ote: Doubleing the power with out increasing battery output.
Gant: No more water energy, you can use a normal Ion High density battery that way
Lash’ra: Exactly, No more belt batteries. It will now be completly hands free

The machine next to Lash’ra Buzzes for a second. Lash’ra reaches out and pulls the chip and cabeling from the machine and walks over to his battery table. Sitting behind some of the larger battery devices he pulls out of cylindrical metal tube. He then twists it and pulls the two halves apart. Gant grabs something in his cubical and heads over to the tabel where Lash’ra is working and Ote is observing.

Lash’ra Pulls out the guts of the tube and tosses them on the tables behind him. He then delicatly places the new parts in. Connecting a few loose wires as needed. he then places the two halves back together. He grabs another shorter cylinder with a small green LED on it’s side and screws it into the bottom of the tube. Ote picks up another small cylinder. She then dumps out the inner mechanism into her hand. Gant arrives next to Ote and hands her a teragonal green crystal. Ote then places the crystal into the mechanism and pushes it back up into the tube. Ote then hands it over to Lash’ra who screws it into the top of the main cylinder.

Ote and Gant step back as Lash’ra holds the cylinder top away from himself and slides an activator switch on the side. Out of the top of the tube errupts a green and white blade of plasmic energy. All three behold the acomplishment for a moment and then deactivate LS53924. As Lash’ra places the weapon back onto the table an alert cries out over the intercom

Intercom: Evacuation Code 37: Invading Fleet has entered orbit.


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