Desert of the Real

There is a strong desire to glamourize our Idols and Heros. So when doing a Biopic it is easy to put somebody in a better light then they truely lived in. I will admit when reflecting on the moment and planning out how I might approch it for this entry I considered it myself, if for no other reason, then to drmatise it. This is almost always a mistake. The truth is that as boring as something might seem. it’s relevance and the truth infused nature normaly wins the audience over. How many movies lived off the notion of truth just to have it revealed that it was most of not all fiction? audiences don’t like to be lied to. Audiences do enjoy not only being entertained but learning something as well. Bending a few facts to make a story more interesting is one thing. White washing something, and shinning it up to almost blinding brightness is another.

The other problem is in writing non fiction. Writing something that your beholden to the history of the events, and people can be a challenge. I have said many times that the crutches that a lot of writers tend to use in story telling are only evidence of thier lack of talent. It takes a true story teller to make the truth interesting. It takes considerably less talent to make something interesting up and pass it off as fact. Even placing “Based on” and “Inspired by” always leaves the question; Where does the truth end and the fiction begin.

I have picked a moment in which my life and a semi-famouse, musical hero of mine crossed roads. I will attempt to weave in enough interest to make it worth the display of the moment, yet keep in enough truth to make it educational in the historical sense. All names will be changed to avoid the inivitable complaints from unwilling participants.

Ext – night
Semi Truck Delivery bay with a corrigated steel onning overhead.
A line of people wait for a “Meet and greet” session with the band (Gigamuerte), post-performance.

line includes:
Jacinto: Male mid 20s band T, Jeans and long hair
Sandpiper: Female late 20s band T, acid washed jeans, mid lgth hair
Anwen: Female late 40s band T, casual light pants, hair up
Rock: Male late 50s button up shirt, kackies, short hair, glasses

Jacinto: Looks like everybody brought something to sign
Sandpiper: Looks like you missed out
Anwen: We don’t need a signature to remember this

Rock is quiet and not very excited, he is there mostly for support as the patriarch of the group.

Jacinto: doubt we’ll ever get a chance to do this again
Sandpiper: Lucky thing you guys know Rock, he seems to be able to get us anywhere
Anwen: You don’t know the half of it
Jacinto: He’ll be the first to tell you that

The line moves a bit closer, everbody seems to be moving as slowly as possible to get as much time with the band member as they can.

Sandpiper: What do you guys want to do after this?
Anwen: You two can do whatever you want me and Rock are going home to bed it’s late
Jacinto: It’s only 11 pm
Rock: Don’t forget one of us has work in the morning
Jacinto: I have work in the morning, I just don’t care
Rock: I’m too old not to care anymore, when you get my age you’ll know what it’s like
Jacinto: I hope not
Sandpiper: We propably should just go home, so we can check in on the kids
Jacinto: Yeah I guess your right, home it is then

The line gets with in three people now and it still moves as a snails pace. The group gorws silent as they wait for the last few people to get finished and the face time to begin. It seems like forever for the few minutes to go by and the first person in the group goes up, Rock, followed by Anwen, then Sandpiper. Lastley Jacinto steps up to the first band member.

Jacinto: Great to meet you
Drummer guy: You too

Then to the next member

Jacinto: Great performance tonight
Bass Guy: Thanks man

Then to the next memeber

Jacinto: You were amazing
Lead Guitar Guy: Thanks a lot

Then to the last and most important member to Jacinto

Jacinto: That was an awesome set, I play a little too
Jack clydesdale: Yeah? What do you play
Jacinto: Rhythm and Lead
Jack clydesdale: What a coincidence
Jacinto Ok great to meet you, have a nice night

trying to be more polite then the other in line he exits quickly trying to keep the next fan in line from having as long a wait. He hears Jack behind him as he’s walking away

Jack clydesdale: Good luck with your band

Jacinto joins the rest of the group as they start back towards thier car int he lot

Jacinto: Jack said “Good luck with the band” that means I’ll make it for sure now.
Sandpiper: Of course you will no matter what he said
Jacinto: yeah but it’s like official now

The group heads quietly reflecting on thier own experience to the car


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