Character Dark Room

Hank: Male 34 Brown hair (Short), dark blue eyes, 5’8 caucasian, missing left ring finger

Born: 1980 March 15th 3:26 am in Reno, NV; St Ivys Hospital

Born to a middle class family; Father worked in a paper manufacturing factory, Mother worked part time in a florist shop
Grew up in a three bedroom home on a quater acre parsel till he was 16. Both parents died in a fire at the florist shop. Mother was working and Father trying to save her. Amancipated after the incident Hank got a job as a grocery store checker, and took care of himself from then on. He finished highschool then took three years off to work. Once he became Asst manager at his work he was able to ajust his schedual around to alow himself to go to Jr College to get a degree in criminal behavoir and go to the police academy. Graduated in the top 20% of his class then took unemployment for 6 months, after getting laid off from the grocery store. Store was told to let go of 2 full time employees and hire 3 part time. He was offered the part time position but declined. Got his first seriouse g/f after four months of unemployment (Janis).

Janis worked for her father at a bait and tackle shop her father owned. She took care of most of hanks debts while they were together for 2 years. After the 6 months of unemployment Hank got a job at the local Police Station in Reno, Nv only 5 blocks from the appartments he had been living in since his parents died. He worked there for two years before he got a job offer in San Diego for double his normal salary and was promoted to Sgt (Should he choose to go). Janis was going to move with him. Hank broke up with her so she wouldn’t have to leave her father and his money behind, because he knew it might be a bit rough in San Diego with out it for two people. He told her he met another woman online and was leaving her to go live with her.

Hank took the job in San Diego and met a woman in his district names Shelly. They feel for each other almost immerdiatly. She was part time employed as a waitress. They got married almost five months later, having the modest cerimony in the precinct partially funded by his friends in the force. Shelly ended up ha ving a bit of a past in drug use and prostitution. Hank tried to keep her from returning to her old habbits, but the boredom of her homelife, her inabilty to have kids, and their general money problems (They did ok but she wanted more and would spend more then they could afford) caused her to regress. After two and a half years of marrige, shelly came home drunk and buzzed one night. Hank was asleep after a long day in the office with both underlings and citizen complaints. Shelly needing some extra money tried to pull hanks ring off his finger. Being unsuccessful she went into the kitchen and got a chefs knife. Placing hanks ring finger seperatly onto the wooden siding of thier bed frame she chopped off his finger and the ring with it. She was never seen or heard from again.

Hank was so tiered and passed out the night before he never woke up through the entire thing. He awoke the next morning and saw his hand poorly wrapped up by shelly, his finger and ring gone. He managed to survive half way through his work day before collapsing due to the lack of blood in his system from the botched wrap job on his finger. He was taken to the hospitol and given anti-biotics, which they found out he was allergic too and almost killed him in his weakened state. They finally got him and his wounds back to good health and released him two days later.

since then Hank has had no significant relationships and made Lt in his san Diego precinct. It has been around five years since the ring incident.


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