Bare Neccessity

Nudity, it’s a source of controversy. not just for Hollywood, but for the world. A notion conceived of embarrassment, predicated on a predisposition towards self-defacement. In other words it’s a touchy subject that reaches deep into the psyche. Most nudity is gratuitous. Every woman who claims they respect themselves too much to do a nude scene sights the many gratuitous scenes placed arbitrarily in most low budget films. Even higher budget projects aren’t above a little nudity under a thin context of poinientcy. Lets face it, some movies really are better because of the nudity within. Not on an intellectual, Oscar award winning, move over The Godfather sort of way. In a more entertaining then the blandness of the rest of the picture sort of way. Point being I have enjoyed my share of nudity, and can be sold on a project otherwise unappealing, by the correctly placed nude scene with the right actress.

Having said all that, the golden cup of nudity is a moment organic to the story. A scene so integrated that to think of it bieng missing from the piece would diminish it’s greatness. A moment in which even the harshest critiques can agree needed to be there. There will always be decenters. those who feel that no matter what nudity should never be displayed publicly, and mostly likley almost never privatly either, unless under extreme circumstances. Here is my attempt at a nude scene.

June – early 30s orange jump suit. well groomed hair put up. light brown hair, blue eyes, 5’7 ankle high boots painted orange to match the jumpsuit
Dave – Detective late 40s casual work attire, no jacket, green tie, 6’0
Officer Mike – police issued work uniform 5’8
extras – various emergency responders and police in background closing off the scene to the public and investigating clues

Ext – day suburban home, light yellow green lawn surrounding the property as a front yard. chain link fence surrounding the rest of the property. Home is on an inside corner of a turn in the road. Behind the home and where the road snakes around to is a natural growth hillside giving a view to the city below.

Dave his arm around Junes shoulder and his other on her arm brings her out from a basement access door. June is shielding her eyes from the bright mid morning sunlight. Camera follows couple up from the door aprx 5 feet in front the whole time. After she gets to the middle of the yard they stop.

Dave: Wait right here, I just need to speak to the officers for a moment, then we’ll get you someplace to rest, and something to eat.

June nods and Dave peels off towards the officers in the background. The camera slow circle pans away from the officers in the background, using June as a focal point. It settles on June with the city over the hill int he background. Jill closes her eyes. Close up on face. She seems to hug herself gently, mid camera shot. She opens her eyes and holds her arms out wide and feels the sun on her face and arms. Close up of Junes shoes as she knees down to untie the left boot. She switches her one legged kneel to untie the right. June gently pushes the shoes aside as she stands back up. Camera goes from mid shot to full body shot as she stands back up. June grabs the zipper on the front of her jump suit and slowly unzips it as the zipper follows the side of her leg down to the ground. At the mid point the camera gets a close of up the zipper as it flows down her leg and stops. June then relaxes her arms and the jumpsuit falls off her limbs and down to the ground. She them steps out of the suit and stretches her arms out wide again and feels the sun on her entire body.

Camera gets a full body shot and starts another circle pan away from the hillside back to the emergency responders who seems to all be going about their business with out notice, with few exceptions. as we pan around and June turns a bit so we see her more from the side now, in the background during the pan we see Dave running towards her with an emergency blanket in his hand. A tear glistens in Junes eye

Dave finally catches up with June and envelopes her in the blanket

Dave: You can’t do that, it’s indecent exposure. After all this you want to go to jail now?
June: After 15 years, of the only light being an overhead bulb, and a window too foggy for me to see out I wanted to feel the sun.
Dave: Yes that’s fine but you could have remained clothed for that, come with me.

Dave starts to usher her towards his car still in the background among other vehicles on the road.

June: Everyday I was told I was a sin
Dave: You mean sinner
June: No that being born a girl was a sin. That my body was a temptation and nobody should ever look at it. I was taught to be ashamed of who and what I was
Dave: That’s terrible, but they must have given you a reason for it
June: When Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden nudity became a sin. Temptation is also a sin. A nude woman represents both. Therefore I was sin it’self. walking, talking, breathing sin. I needed to be hidden, to stay hidden. To be kept from the sight of man. To have padding sewn into my clothing so I looked less like a woman and more like an object with out sexuality

They reach the car and Dave opens the door for her. June steps in and sits down the blanket in her hands keeping it around her.

Dave: I will take you someplace where you can feel as free as you want. to be as much of a woman as you want, but just not here, ok?

June nods a tear streaks down her face. Dave closes the door and heads over to one of the officers in uniform

Dave: I’ll bring her in tomorrow so we can take a statement from her, tonight I think she needs to be treated like a queen
Mike: Just as long as it’s not on the tax payers dime
Dave: You’re all heart Officer
Mike: I got a wife, and three kids, two in college, I have plenty of heart, I got no money

Dave walks towards his car

Dave: Find a way to put a big of generosity in there too will yeah
Mike: Sure, I’ll do that

Dave opens the driver door and gets in. Camera sits back on the lawn behind the car and to the right as Dave pulls away and off onto the road.


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