Lunatic Fringe

Akin to the Zealot, the Lunitic is another character that is easy to cliche and overly trope. It is a character thats easy to generate and difficult to understand. Most people write nonsence in order to give the apearence of a lack of cohesive reality on the part of the character. As long as the audience is confused by the characters logic then the character is insane. True insanity is not nonsensical. It is simply a seperate reality. One which has rules and laws like this one, only different. It isn’t a lack of a cohesive logic, but of differential of logic that makes the true lunitic. Like any good Villan the only way a lunitic is done well, is when they have no idea they are insane, becauee to them everything makes sense to thier twisted reality. Take the end of X-Man: Days of Future Past for example. (Spoiler BTW) Wolverine remembers the time line he is originaly from, not the one he enters at the end. If Professor X was not there to read his mind and understand, Wolverine would be though of as a lunitic. Not because he has no grasp on reality, only because his reality was different, and to the current time line, non exsistent. Point being that lunicy isn’t a matter of logical dissonance, but of reality shift.

Lunitics serve many parts in stories. From prophets to Antagonists, and in rare cases, protagonists. Lunitics are a versitile tool, but only when done correctly. When you use a lunitic simply as a way to contrast something IE: Lunitic tells you sky is falling when truth is it’s just rain. Despite the original purpose of perspective, it most than often comes off as cheap and pandering to the lowest common denominator. Keep in mind that all things should serve the story, not a character, or a moment, or a pay off. In the case of the lunitic saying the sky is falling, turning out they were in a cave the whole time which collapsed. A little heavy handed with the metaphore true, but in some cases the pay off of “See hw was right all along” is fored into a story where the pay off didn’t work and the shoe horning of the lunitic only served to muttle the plot. A Classic example of a lunitic used well is the Rod Serling written Twilight Zone show “Eye of the beholder”. A case of cross realities meeting, only it was the audiences reality that was challenged. I won’t give it away for the two of you who haven’t seen it. Just watch it, it’s a classic.

Int – night
Room with only ambient light from 2 large and 4 medium sized OLED monitors in front of a computer work station. Keys on the keyboard, as well as various LEDs on the tower and periferals also contribute to the dull light in the room. Code is scene on the two main monitors and blueprints, CC Feeds, and personel files flash ont he others. A single chair sits in front of the large array of monitors while a sole programmer )Reset) works the system before him.

Reset – Male late 20s street casual attire
Qubit – female early 20s Metal T-shirt black jeans and spiked braclets plus other accessories a couple visable tattoos
Dean – Male Marine Corporal early 30s desert camo pants and sports team T-shirt

Code flickers down the screen as Reset types away Qubit on his right looking over his shoulder and Dean on his left

Dean: How much longer?
Reset: Will you tell him that time is relative and that no answer I can give is accurate with in the confinds of a Quantum centric reality
Qubit: He’ll be done when he’s done
Dean: Thanks for the enlightenment
Qubit: He is disatisfied with the propability factor inherient in your equasion
Reset: Qapla’
Qubit: He got it
Dean: Well lets see it
Qubit: present your analisis

Reset presses a few buttons on the keyboard and the left main monitor goes dark for a moment. Then flashes on with what looks like a tunnel made of small collored particals with a number of small ebbs in it and one main ebb near the end of it

Dean: What am I looking at?
Qubit: He wants to-
Reset: Querry recognized, this is a quantum map of the time line given certain understood variables
Dean: Care to explain that a bit more slowly
Qubit: He needs
Reset: Again Querry Recognized

Reset turns towards Dean and holds up his hand out flat palm down

Reset: Time runs parralel to event probibilities, what will happen does happen, in the moment it doesn’t something else inevitably happens

Reset them angels his fingers down

reset: When probibility indexes change then the parameters of time and space fluxuate to conform to this new quantum variable scheme

Dean looks over at Qubit

Dean: You got something more for me right?

Qubit: Basicly he is saying that if things keep going this way, there will be no way to stop this attack.
Dean: Duh
Qubit: What he is really saying is that if we can stop this attack, not only do we stop it, but we may be able to prevent others like it int he future
Dean: Wells theres some good news
Qubit: He is also saying by stopping this one we may be assuring that even worse attacks happen because of our interfearence
Dean: Well at least hes sure about it
Qubit: Actually he is-
Dean: Joke, just a joke. Ok so we don’t know whats going to happen if you guys help me I get it. I still need your help. Will you guys help me?
Qubit: Variables taken into consideration, Null Error in current processing must be circumvented with a calculated varient shift

Reset pushes back from the computers and closes his eyes. The other two stare at him for a few moments as he sits quietly he then opens his eyes and looks at Dean

Reset: Your proposition is accepted. Currently spooling neccesary recources for active executable
Qubit: Yes
Dean: I thought thats what he meant. I’ll head to the site, you two wait here I’ll tweet using #OmegaChrono and you’ll know to begin

Qubit and Reset both nod and Dean nods in responce. Dean then pulls a gun from his hip holster and checks to make sure he is fully stocked on ammo. reset and Qubit look at each other for a moment of doubt, then turn back to the computer where reset begins tryping code again and Qubit waits to find out what he needs from her. Dean turns around and exits the room.


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