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The point of this blog is (Other than a creative outlet for me) to really play around with writing scripts, with out just putting up a script and saying “This is my script now give me some money to make it”. The best way I thought to do that is to limit it to a single scene per entry. The second way is to make sure they arn’t simply parts of a single script I am “shopping around”. Keeping that in mind I thought it might be fun to have a couple of inter connected scenes. Different and focused on seperate writing challenges but connected by plot and story. So I decided the next couple of scenes will be interconnected scenes in the same piece, with out being part of something larger. The nameing scheme I am thining of for these scenes implys a third. I am not planning at this time to write a third part, but the option is always open if I wanted to in the future. This is scene #1 of 2

A tough scene to coordinate, like the round table disscussion, is the war room scene. A generic monicure that denotes a meeting of a particular group in order to advance a common agenda. This can be anything from a sweing group deciding on a project for next years fair, to an actual war room meeting debating the up comming battle/conflict. It’s easy to create flat characters who seem to spout only one option over and over. The War is the answer to everything guy. The can’t we all just get along guy, or the Everything I say is important guy. Those can be good molds to pull from as long as you use them as base models and build on them instead of relying on the cliche tropes they represent in order to advance a predictable plot.

Int – Day
Meeting room oval tabel with a dozen chair around it and a central main over head, hanging light source. inset celing lights aid in filling the room with light, no windows in the room. A centeral cooling system quietly hums in the background

3 man and 1 woman sit together at one end of the ovel table waiting as the fourth man enters the room. All in formal business attire.
Janice – female early 40s
Jacob – Male early 30s
Harold – male late 50s
Ahmid – male mid 40s
(entering) Arib – male late 30s

Arib enters the room, panel of occupants watch him but make no real indication of change in thier deminor at his interuption. Arib sits down with an empty seat between him and Harold, and almost across from Jacob.Janice and Ahmid sit at the end of the oval on either side Janice ont he far side from Arib. Several packets of information are open in front of the sitting memebers. Arib tosses out another thin folder of information in front of each sitting member before taking his seat. The members open the thin folders and start examining the contents.

Screen reads:
Middle East Securities Commision Meeting
Status: Off Books
14:00 hours EST

Ahmid: What am I looking at here?
Jacob: Is this from today?

Arib simply nods in responce.Harold turns to Arib

Harold: This is a summary right? you have more than this?
Janice: I think you all know that at this early stage we’re lucky to have this much. Thank you Major, when can we expect an update?
Arib: My men are simply waiting for an execute order
Jacob: Whoa, Whoa wait now we can’t just jump into something like this, it’s complicated. And if this is all you can give us it’s just not enough
Harold: I can’t agree more, we can’t put the lives of these men and woman at risk with such flimsy intellegence
Ahmid: Normally gentlemen I’d agree. Unfortunatly we’ve run out of room on the field, we either run into the side lines and stop the clock or let them tackle us and take the down
Janice: This is going to be a tricky mission, the intellegence we gather, not to mention the blow to the leadership could turn the tide in this region
Jacob: And if we mess this up we can shut out any future action in the area completly for years
Ahmid: If we get caught
Jacob: We’ll of course we’ll get caught, lets not be naive here
Arib: My men can handel this it’s no different then project talon in-
Jacob: oh come on it’s way different, we have more intellegence then, it was another part of-
Ahmid: This isn’t helping. I want options, what contingencies do we have avaliable
Janice: Non, that sort of the point here
Arib: We don’t need a plan B, my men can handel this, they have been training for this for over a year now
Harold: Bull crap this target was just identified three months ago and it became an agenda item only a week ago
Arib: And yet we have been training for this or any other similar mission for over a year, the details always change but the mission stays the same
Jacob: Nobody can prepare for everything, varibles will be present and your men will be suprised by them
Arib: My men are trained for variables, they can handel this
Ahmid: I’m not really sure this debate has a point, in truth we don’t have another viable option
Harold: We can open up a diplomatic channel again we-
Janice: We tried that it hasn’t worked, they always come to the table, they lie to us and nothing ever changes
Jacob: We should drone them into the ground scorched earth policy
Janice: You know what the public backlash of something like that would be?
Jacob: Nobody is going to care in 5 years if there is a smoking ruin in a vast wasteland, but they will all thank us when they are enjoying thier mojitos by the pool at the Hilton
Ahmid: Not everybody can aford the Hilton
Jacob: Then at the Motel 5 it’s doesn’t matter the fact is they will be safe and we will be heros, ok not publicly, but they will know that somebody saved them
Janice: It has merit I think-
Ahmid: It has no merit is we put another school yard of black, charred, underage bodies on the news we’ll all lose our jobs, the president will not get a second term, the otherside will take control of the white house and it will all be undone anyways
Harold: he has a point we need to think about this diplomaticly, persistence is the key here not violence, they need to know they can trust us. If we always go to drone, then of course they will never come back from the diplomacy table happy and we’ll keep this institute of violence intact
Ahmid: These groups don’t want peace then want us all dead. They aren’t interested in a truce, they want to buy our guns then use them on us
Arib: He’s right we need this stratigic action and we need it now. My men are in position and they are ready to go, I just need the word. This can, no this will be all over in a matter of mintues if you just authorize this action. This debate will be achedemic then.

The board members sit back for a moment contemplating the stalemate they seem to be at

Jance: they are in position now? And this can be finalized in under 30 minutes?

Arib nods

Harold: You can garentee no innocent casualties

Arib shakes his head

Harold: What does that mean?
Ahmid: It means we can’t predict who is in there it could be wives, children, cousins visiting. We can minimize casualties we can’t make garentees

Arib nods

Jacob: We’ll get proof though right? I am not taking some Lt’s word, I want pictures
Arib: I can give you video, but not streaming, After I give the go ahead they will maintain raidion silence to minimize discovery and compromising thier intentions
Janice: If we’re going to do this lets get it done, I’m tiered of the debate and I’m tiered of waiting
Harold: Whats it been a handful of minutes and your tiered of the debate I think we need to keep out options open
Ahmid: This is what meeting number 135 this year on this same thing? I agree we’ve had enough debate, this isn’t the best senario, but it might be our best hope for a quick and final resolution

Harold hangs his head for a moment and then nods to the group. Arib hands them a piece of paper describing the team and it’s mission perameters going to Jacob first. Jacob signs it then passes it on till everybody has signed it. Arib then signs the paper blow the other signatures, date and times it. Janice pushes a button on the confrence phone on the table between them

Janice: Bring it in

A Man in uniform enters the room and places a small plastic box in front of Janice then leaves the room

Janice: Everybody sure about this?

With reservation in thier eyes they all nod. Janice opens the small box and afixes a holographic security seal with a small cloth ribbon on it to the bottom side of the paper and hands it back to Arib

Janice: Don’t make us sorry for this Major, it’s in you’re hands now
Arib: Of course sir

Arib gets up from the table and heads out of the room



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