Hanna and the wolf

One thing I have noticed is the need by film makers and producers predominately to over explain the movies particulars. Then through out the course of the movie the characters tend to explain it again and at that point most of the audience is like “Duh” why are you repeating that. Truth is most of the time the crawls and narration at the beginning of a movie are put there after the fact. Normally due to tests being done where the audiences didn’t seem to understand the workings of the system and got confused in the story because of it. There people are called the lowest denominator. Even if you get a 5% response where they had no clue what was going on it’s no reason to make the movie less enjoyable for everybody else simply because a few didn’t get it. Not I believe it may be a much higher percentage of people who didn’t understand parts of the movie. That’s ok though. As long as you have a good script, and you’ve explained what you want to explain (Given sometimes are supposed to remain unexplained in some movies) it may take a few viewings to really understand all the intricacies in the film. That’s actually a good thing. As long as your movie is good enough that people are willing to come back and see it a second time. One of those types of movies where they feel the need to over explain exactly what happened, regardless of whether or not the characters even know, is “End Times” movies. Producers would rather you simply know whats going on from the beginning then enjoy discovering it along the way. Or worse yet, they outright lie about what happened so you can learn the “Truth” later on and be surprised.

Post Apocalyptic movies can be one of the most fun to do, and one of the most difficult to do right. It’s too easy to go one of two ways. One to go moral enlightenment. Where the entire point of your movie is to prove a belief you happen to hold and want everybody else to see your point of view. The second is carnage. To develop a movie simply for the excuse to have blood-fests and sexcapades in it. Making it in a world where laws have no meaning anymore and government is anarchy, means you can develop characters, including the hero, with more questionable morals. The tough ones and normally the more critically acclaimed ones, are normally somewhere in the middle. Grounding the movie in reality is the best way to also anchor it to the relatability of the audience. It’s popular now to say your making a “Nolan-esc, or in the style of “The Dark Knight”, which is basically to say more grounded in reality nowadays. Truth is Nolan didn’t invent realism in film. He simply adopted it for a genre normally devoid of it’s restrictions and proved what many writers already knew. Grounding a world in a relatable reality makes all the small unbelievable things more believable.

Ext – Night
A dark figure (lit from front camera behind) kneels on one knee atop a hill of ice some 30 feet above a small valley in front of her. This hill is one of many in the shot. The view is littered with 15 – 28 foot hills separated by about 50-70 feet in between them. The entire area is blanketed with ice, no snow is falling. The landscape is colored by black objects trusting out randomly from the white ice. Branches and rocks sticking out of the permafrost. The sky is filled with clouds with must be filtering in the light of a full moon. It’s not bright out but it’s not so dark the camera can’t see a party of people walking through the valley below her.

Tessa – early 30s dirty blonde hair sticking out slightly from a scarf she wraps her head in which also covers her mouth and nose. Her cloths are black and white urban camo patterns which helps her blend into the hillside, especially at night. The clothing is worn and several holes are present in them but not so much they need to be discarded.
Drake – Male late 40s salt and pepper hair cut short (Military style) wearing a brown cloth trench coat and a bowler hat.
Hanna – Female early 20s blonde hair wearing a tattered green dress that’s been patched up with whatever she seems to have been able to find. Her head also is wrapped in cloth covering most of her features.
Gareth – Male wearing a hoodie and jeans with a skull patterned handkerchief covering his mouth and nose. A wool poncho fits over his attire.
Butch – Male wearing a tank top and jeans, his face is covered with a modified Air Force pilots mask. he has a baseball bat cut down by a foot and with a spear tip embedded in the top dangling from a belt holster seemingly custom made

Tessa watches the convoy enter the valley their voices lightly echoing off the hillsides. The camera follows the crew from behind Tessa going behind her back for a moment as we hear them talk but can’t quiet make out what they are saying yet. As they get a bit closer the camera goes to mid shots of the crew as they speak with a few shots on occasion of Tessa up on the hill, which goes unnoticed by the crew.

Gareth: Remind me next time not to be so jumpy
Butch: Hey dumb-ass next time don’t be so jumpy
Gareth: Yeah funny, your one to talk itchy bat finger. I can’t believe I wasted three bullets on that gang. Could have just cut them down
Hanna: But you didn’t
Gareth: I think that’s my point she-bitch
Hanna: That’s Mrs She-Bitch to you remember
Gareth: Whatever if I just brought that bullet making kit from three towns ago it wouldn’t be a problem, but ammo is so scarce now
Butch: Should get your self a nice thick cudgel
Gareth: I’ll stick to my katana for melee but thanks Brutus
Drake: shhhh
Gareth: what is it boss
Drake: I said Shut Up!

The group goes silent and and camera returns to behind Tessa’s right shoulder as she lays down silently keeping an eye on the leader of the group Drake who seems to scan the hillside. Drake seems to find nothing and turns his head down for a moment as the camera returns to the group

Hanna: Should we-

Drake holds his hand up silencing her and listens for a few minutes more

Drake: Must have been a rabbit or something
Butch: Sounds like dinner
Hanna: If you can track it down, outrun it, and catch it while your joins are freezing in this cold, go for it

Butch looks as if he is considering it for a moment then follows the group on

Butch: Tonight’s no good
Hanna: That’s what I thought
Gareth: You know it’s lucky I couldn’t believe that we found fresh bottled water still after all this time. I figured that stuff would be gone by now
Butch: would have been if we left it up to you
Gareth: As I recall I saved your ass back there, there is no way you saw that guy in the other room
Butch: I saw him, I just didn’t care, I was waiting for him to get closer
Gareth: he had a gun he didn’t need to get closer. Unfortunately he only had one bullet and it’s not compatible with mine. what a waste
Butch: He would have gotten closer, he wanted to make sure his one bullet counted and I would have smashed his face in when he did
Gareth: whatever not like I was expecting a thanks or anything
Hanna: All you boys ever do it fight, just shut up already nobody cares how big your dicks are
Gareth: Hey just because your drakes girl doesn’t mean you can-
Drake: Shut it. Hanna stop teasing the kids, you know they get. We’ll go another kilometer, if we don’t spy shelter, we’ll make camp for the night. looks like weather might be coming our way

The group except for drake look up and try to see weather, the camera pans up and sees nothing out of the ordinary. Hanna shrugs and the group move on behind drake.

The camera watches from behind Tessa as the group moves down the valley far enough for her to get up off the ice. She pulls a clear water bottle out of her back pack. It’s a light day pack as opposed to a larger camping and hiking pack so it keeps what she needs with out bogging her down. She takes a drink of the water and looks at it. It’s only got a few more gulps in it. She shoves it back into the pack still on her back and stands up. a frozen, dead tree to the right of her blocks a view of the group now moved beyond this small valley to the next. Tessa lightly but swiftly moves down about ten feet behind the hill from the group and heads in the direction she saw them go. Their incoherent voices still bouncing off the hard ice hills. She keeps her course knowing she can judge their position by hearing the strength of their voices. As she moves she takes out a small device and presses the power button bringing the object to life.

A list pops up on the device

Items needed:

Food Rations
E-Cloth patches
Bullets 9mm
Bullets 10 mm
Cleaning Alcohol

She puts the device back to sleep and places it back in her pocket. She notices she doesn’t hear the voices anymore and moves silently up the hill to investigate. As she crests the top of the hill the group is gone. She gets up on one knee but still doesn’t see anything. Then she stands up. As she is starting to stand she hears a voice to the left of her moving from behind a dead tree

Drake: You know if your going to use electronic equipment you should disable the back light. It’s like a beacon waiting to be answered
Gareth: Unfortunately for you, even if you had remembered to turn off the back light I have a blu-tooth scanner. That device is blu-tooth compatible and showed up on my scanned. too bad so sad

Gareth rounding the hill on her right butch walks up from behind her with hanna 5 feet away on his side, both of them near the bottom of the hill

Butch: No point in teaching her anything she isn’t going to get a chance to use
Gareth: Education for educations sake is always worth while, it’s application is simply a boon, not a necessity
Hanna: I’m just glad we had a chance to get in a little exercise, warm things up a bit around here.
Tessa: Look I need some of the water you found, perhaps we can make a trade
Hanna: (Sequels) Oh another girl I am so excited, we can be sisters
Drake: You’re in no position to bargain, hand over everything you have on you and we’ll consider letting you tag along with us
Butch: That’s a bad idea boss I don’t trust her
Gareth: You don’t trust anybody Brutus I think another woman would be just what we need what do you say D?
Drake: She isn’t going to let us live either way. If we were to go to sleep around her, she’d kill us, if we left her here and told somebody about a woman surviving on her own out here, she could be in danger, she’d have to kills us to protect herself
Tessa: Smart man, unfortunately that only goes so far out here.
Drake: The world is gone missy, all that’s left is intelligent will, and the ambition needed to see it to fruition
Gareth: Of course a few mates to help you through the tough times never hurts
Tessa: As you wish, just remember, you had the chance to make this easy on yourselves

Gareth pulls a gun out from beneath his poncho and fires at Tessa, She pulls out an automatic pistol from a pocket in her thigh. Instead of returning fire at Gareth she fills Butch’s mid section with lead dropping him as he’s pulling up his bat. Tessa then throws her gun at Hanna hitting her in the face and sending her stumbling back in pain.

Gareth continues to fire a semi-automatic pistol at Tessa missing by inches as he underestimates her speed. Tessa passes behind a rock jutting up through the ice in the hill as she continues to roll down the hill past butches body and Hanna still cradling her face and crying out. Gareth empties his clip as his last few shits hit the rock and chip of little pieces. Gareth quickly drops the spent clip and pulls another out of his belt towards his gun as Tessa pops out from behind the rock and shots Gareth in the head with a semi-automatic handgun of her own. Hanna finally able to control her reaction tot he pain enough charges Tessa

Hanna: You stupid bitch I’m going to Aaaaaaaaaaa

Tessa tosses her other gun at Hanna who is much closer now and gets hit again in the face

Hanna: Not again you’re one dead bitch
Tessa: Don’t get so careless next time

Tessa looks up just in time to see Drake who’s grabbed Gareth’s Katana leaping from atop the rock which protected her from Gareth just a moment ago. Drake is bringing down the katana in a killing stroke to cleave Tessa in half. Tessa reaches into her belt and puts her hands up just in time to stop the blade by holding up her fists against it. A camera close up shows shuriken (Throwing stars) with holes big enough for her to put her middle finger through. three of them side by side keeping the katana blade from slicing into her hands. Blood flows from the inside of her fists as some of the points of the stars eat into her flesh. Tessa pushes off from the blade with her fists and slides down a few feet from Drake into a martial arts stance giving herself more balance. Hanna now comes running towards her from the side but gets taken out of the fight quickly when drake side kicks her in the ribs sending her sprawling out onto the ice further into the valley behind them both

Drake: Stay out of this, she’s mine

Tessa surprised but thankful watches Hanna fly back for a moment before looking back at Drake who calmly walks towards Tessa.

Tessa: That was a foolish move, and the last chance you had
Drake: Maybe, but truth is she’d get in the way and put me more at risk then help

Drake slices at Tessa, but Tessa either avoids or uses the shuriken to block the strikes every time. Drake then swings a low blow at her left leg cutting into the flesh of her shin as his sword moves across her body right to left. Drake then stumbles back realizing something is wrong. Looking down he sees three shuriken embedded in his and sees a fourth hit him in his throat cutting into the side of his neck and sticking like the rest. He sees that she is laying down now on her right side, she let him get the slice in to open up his other side to her attack. Tessa stands up and slightly limps over to Butches body using her shuriken as a knife blade to cut off a part of his jeans and ties it to her leg to stop the bleeding. She then searches Butch for supplies finding some water, a can of food, and a half a dirty magazine she tosses in front of the body. Tessa then searches Gareth and makes her way to drake. As Drake clings to his wounds trying to keep himself from bleeding out and seemingly unable to speak as he spits blood from his mouth from time to time, she finds the water, and food he happens to have on him as well. Tessa looks back now at Hanna holding her rib cage and half laying on the ground as Hanna tosses her backpack away and starts sliding towards drake.

Hanna: Take your supplies and get the hell out of here.
Tessa: Believe it or not we could have done this the easy way. I’d finish you off, but I doubt you’ll survive much longer out here now. If you do, I’d remember this night and keep away from thievery, you don’t seem very good at it

Drake spits blood at her as it is all he can do to show his disgust as Hanna reaches him and cradels his in her arms, placing her hands on his wounds and trying to help him stop the bleeding. Tessa walks over to the backpack and unzips it. Looks inside and zips it back up. Slings it over her shoulder and heads off across the valley. The camera follows Tessa from behind her left shoulder as she passes out of sight of Hanna, and Drake. She can hear Drake moaning in pain as Hanna pulls the Shuriken out of him one at a time. She doubts she will see either of them again, but this world has become a strange place and guessing the future is a fools errand.


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