Trappings of Freedom

The future mainly comes in three different flavors. There is the Apocalyptic future. There is the every things going according to plan future. Lastly there is

the Orwellian, police state future. We see some good examples of the second type in “Star Trek” and “I,Robot”. Despite some of the problems they had in the

story lines the setting was simply the future going smoothly for the most part. The second has it’s champions such as “Terminator”, and “Mad Max” franchises.

Both different but equally bleak. The last one can be very tricky to get right. “Logans Run”, and “Gattaca” are good examples of these future types. While

the middle version is normally just a setting for drama to be placed in, the other two are often the drama it’s self. It’s often the very apocalyptic event

that creates the bleak future and the fight to stop it. In the Orwellian future it’s often the very foundation of the new future that’s the issue.

The Orwellian future can be one of the toughest to do well. Like it’s Apocalyptic brother it can be fraught with cliche and trope. Unlike the Apocalyptic

future the drama is often manifested in dialog and exposition. This means that the language it’s self can play a vital part of making it a successful film or

a dull preach-fest. Regardless of how you may feel about the subject(s) involved in the story it’s essential to play both sides equally. If you show too much

favoratism towards one philosophy you can come off as sanctimonious, and the opposite side can end up being shallow and meaningless. That means that as much

as the audience may be on the side you are, in the end they don’t care if that side wins. Only if you feel the protagonist is in danger will the triumph feel

earned. That means in these situations more likely than not, coming up with a winning argument for the opposition. Then being able to dispel it anyways at

the right moment int he climax. In the end your job is not to tell the audience how to feel or who to side with. Your job is only to present the case in the

context of the drama you’re creating and let the audience make up their own minds. That’s what separates the good storys that last generations and spark

debate. From the self righteous rants that fade into oblivion.

Int – Night
Over-site Comity room. Panel of judges (5) on an elevated platform (Raised 2′) behind a continuous wooden desk in a concave semi-circle. Guards stand at the

ends of the desk at floor level facing the accused. Accused sits behind a medium sized table in the center of the room. Behind the accused are several rows

of seats with spectators watching the proceedings of the comity.

Seth – Male late 30s Accused
Pablo – Male early 60s comity chair
Vera – Female late 40s comity member
Jeremy – Male late 70s comity member
Killian – Male early 50s comity member
Lisa – Female mid 50s comity member

Camera enters the room through the doors as they close behind the last audience member who enters the room. The audience member sits down in the aisle seat

in the back row clearing the camera view to see the room clearly. Sound of the doors closing behind as the Comity chair Pablo begins to speak. The camera

continues to push forward through the main center aisle behind the accused as Pablo speaks. About three quarters of the way through his lines the Camera

switches to a mid shot of his face as he continues his lines and as they end the camera gets Pablos’ POV at the accused.

Pablo: We are here, because the accused that sits before us. One: Seth Everstine Meyers has been accused of terrorism, and willful sedition with intent to

incite open and violent rebellion. Any and all evidence gathered in this procedure will be forwarded to the authorities to aid in their criminal

prosecution. This hearing is to determine the nature or any and all national security threats caused by leaked and misguided information disseminated from

this individual, and how best to contain these threats and show the public that this type of behavior is non-productive, and falsely based.

Pablo looks towards his left and right at his fellow comity members then ahead at the accused again the camera stays on a mid shot of Pablo until he speaks

again then POV to the accused

Pablo: The honored members of this comity along with myself will be allowed to ask any and all pertinent questions. Their validity and application in this

matter will be determined by us. The accused has a single right, that right is to answer any and all question to the satisfaction of the comity members

until which time we dismiss him from these proceedings. Do you understand these rights as I have explained them?
Seth: I do
Pablo: Then we will proceed. Comity Member Vera do you have any questions for the accused?
Vera: I do Chair
Pablo: Then I yield the floor to Comity member Vera
Vera: Thank you Chair

Vera shuffles through a few papers, the camera gets a close up of her eyes as she scans the sheets then drops back to mid shots of the speakers.

Vera: You were involved in the incident at Railshop Yards correct?
Seth: Yes Ma’am
Vera: You were not alone, there were others with you is that also correct
Seth: Yes ma’am
Vera: What were there names?
Seth: I don’t recall ma’am
Vera: Do you have early onset alzheimer’s?

The audiences gives a brief laugh

Seth: No ma’am not that I am aware of
Vera: Then please answer the question
Seth: I did ma’am
Pablo: You have been instructed to answer these questions to our satisfaction, if you do not you will face discipline is this understood?
Seth: Understood sir
Pablo: Then what were their names?
Seth: I do not recall sir
Vera: Sir if I may, I’d like to move on now

Pablo sits back angered by the lack of cooperation but nods a resignment to Vera

vera: Can you at least tell me how many in the party
Seth: Six of us ma’am
Vera: How did you recruit them?
Seth: They volunteered ma’am
Vera: Was this before or after they were given the particulars of the operation
Seth: Before ma’am
Vera: You’re aware that three people died because of that incident are you not?
Seth: I am ma’am
Vera: Have you anything to say to the families of the people you, and your crew killed?
Seth: Yes ma’am
Vera: And what is that?
Seth: I’d like to say they we are sorry, sorry that anybody had to die for this. It’ wasn’t out plan, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.
Vera: As long as it’s not one of you is that right?
Seth: I’d like to remind you that we lost somebody that night as well
Vera: Yes one, Joseph Gath I believe
Seth: Joey, yes
Vera: I’m not sure that the families of the victims will see one of you dying to three of them much int he way of equal
Seth: Ma’am death is death, whether it’s a hundred or one, it’s too many. The families of those people should feel just as much shame for their part in this,

as grief for the unfortunate outcome
Vera: Then you feel no remorse?
Seth: No ma’am
Vera: Then what do you feel?
Seth: Pride
Vera: No further question Chair I yield the remainder of my time

Pablo shuffles a few papers around and passes down a sheet to the comity member to his right (Jeremy) between him and Vera.

Pablo: The Chair recognized comity member Jeremy, you sir have the floor
Jeremy: Thank you Chair

Jeremy takes a second to look over the papers and for a moment shows concern then places the paper on the desk and looks over at the accused.

Jeremy: I have just been informed that there was an attempt on the data facility just ouside town. six gaurds were killed. in the attempt. What the invaders

didn’t realize was that Special Operations Anti-Terrorism Squad was using the facility for drills that day. The group of seven invaders was dispatched with

all due prejudice.

Seth closes his eyes for a moment and takes a slow long breath and opens his eyes again visibly upset but still in control of himself

Jeremy: Did you know the invaders? Marla, Vincent, James, Ishta, Hoolik, Desmond, and Jack, a 17 yr old kid

Seth now places his hand over his mouth and a tear runs down his cheek, he then composes himself again

Jeremy: Jack is your son is he not, I’m sorry was your son. He was going to State University 28 as I understand it, majoring in engineering, was due to

apprentice with a prestigious company in another year. Does this bother you? giving up so much, and you sitting here, out of the fight now as it were. To

lose to thoroughly. Aside from the tragic loss of your son, an entire group of loyal members of your establishment are now dead. Did you accomplish anything

Seth: Yes
Jeremy: You’ll enlightenment me then please, because all I see is death and tragic loss, even if you feel you have something to fight for, it is not obvious

now you went about it the wrong way?
Seth: No
Jeremy: It seems that if your movement is entirely predicated on throwing away valuable members of society, for no purpose other than your own satisfaction,

that you have failed to provide any real leadership. Do you not agree?
Seth: Yes
Jeremy: I’m sad to see that it’s taken all of this to convince you, but I am glad to see you’re finally seeing this for what it is
Seth: No
Jeremy: No what?
Seth: Did I do a poor job leading these people? Yes. Does this tragedy prove that I am unfit to lead this movement forward. Yes. In a way you’re capturing

me is probably the best thing that can happen for us. Do I see the error of the movement in the first place? Do I recognize that my views and values are wrong?

No. No sir I do not see that and I do not concede to that point

Jeremy shakes his head and shrugs

Jeremy: Chair I’m done here
Pablo: Chair recognizes Comity Member Killian

Killian shakes his head and waves his hand to move on

Pablo: Chair recognizes Comity member Lisa

Lisa nods and looks through the papers in front of her before setting them all off to the side and clasping her hands and placing them in front of her on the

desk top.

Lisa: Thank you Chair. Seth, may I call you Seth?
Seth: Yes Ma’am
Lisa: Before this new Republic of Unity was founded do you know what the average number of wars world wide was?
Seth: No ma’am
Lisa: Three new wars a year. Now it’s true they didn’t always last very long, they often were internal to a political state or to small relatively unknown

countries. There were, however, violent encounters that killed hundreds of thousands a day. In larger affairs millions. Is that what you want back?
Seth: If that’s what it takes ma’am
Lisa: We’ve heard a lot about your movement, and ideas, but there is a difference between second hand, and first hand knowledge. I’d like to hear from you

personally what it is you believe your fighting for
Seth: True representation ma’am, nothing less they true democracy
Lisa: Democracy has been attempted since the time of the Greek City States. It has been a monumental failure. Time after time it starts out good then the

corruption seeps in and war, famine and internal class ware are the result. This is what you fight for? You’re trying to bring pandemics, and poverty back?
Seth: Ma’am if we make no mistakes we will never learn from them
Lisa: But we have learned from them, we have learned that a true democracy is ruled with a mob mentality, that it is easily manipulated by the corrupt and

powerful and tramples the average citizen underfoot, till it gets so top heavy it collapses in on itself. Look at what happened to the United States. They

were the shinning example of a democratic republic that eventually devolved into a tyranny and collapsed under the weight of rebellion, and revolution.
Seth: Ma’am I an not a warmonger, and I don’t want harm to come to anybody, but if death, and famine is the price we have to pay for freedom then I would pay

it 100 times over. What you have here is the few deciding for the many what is good for them. you’re no different then computers who calculate the best

option and do it with out consideration of the soul, or the spirituality of the questions involved.
Lisa: That’s not inaccurate, we do often consult with computer models to decide whats beneficial to the greatest majority. That, however, is then run by an

executive comity which decides if that’s the direction we should go or if it should be looked into further. We don’t make laws and decisions based on

personal interest here.
Seth: And because of that you’ll never understand what it means to be a person
Lisa: Thank you
Seth: For?
Lisa: For taking the time to explain you’re point of view to us, I believe I speak on behalf of everybody when I say, I appreciate your perspective, but I

simply can’t see the value in it.

the other comity members shakes their heads in rejection of Lisas’ final words.

Pablo: I for one have nothing but contempt for your utter waste of this committees time and patience. You have done nothing but sew the seeds of malcontempt,
vandalism, idolatry, and violence. This world will be a better place when you, and everybody who follows you is behind bars or dead. I don’t feel any more

testimony is necessary in this case I believe we have what we need. Gentlemen

Pablo motions for the two guards to take Seth into custody

Pablo: You are going to be handed over to the proper authorities for criminal prosecution and if need be enhanced interrogation.

Seth stands up as the guards arrive and place his hands behind his back and cuff him

Seth: You can torture me all you like, but this doesn’t die here with me. You all here are living on borrowed time. The revolution is coming and you’d best

not stand in it’s way when it does. You think locking me up stops anything? I was always just a figure head. somebody we dangled in front of you to bait the

trap and you fell for it. The movement marches on with out me. There is no stopping it and there is no killing it. Enjoy your power while you still have it.

Seth then walks with the guards to the door and out of the room

Pablo makes a first with his right hand and pounds down on the desk in front of him twice. A digital sensor rings a gavel sound out through the speakers set

up in the room and the comity members stand

Pablo: This comity is now completed, no new business will be taken at this time

The comity members and audience members file out of the room as the camera slowly rises up through the ceiling and transitions to the next scene.


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