Aliens are both the easiest and hardest characters to create. On one hand you can have them be anything you want both physically and mentally. On the other hand in order to make them leads there needs to be a degree of relatability to them. That’s why so many aliens who have more then a passing importance to a show are humanoid. So depending on what role the alien(s) play will determine to a great degree how much flexibility you have in their design. In fact the more antagonist an alien becomes more often they will look and act less human. This works mostly with the aliens as an army or larger group then with an individual antagonist. You can describe an alien in a script till your blue in the face but the truth is the only people who will really be in charge of the design is the director and his/her creative team. Because of that as a script writer you need to create your aliens more through the actions and dialog (if any) you give the characters.

The second thing you must do when working with aliens is figure out the universe you wish to create. with existing franchises this part is easy as is the alien design most of the time as they are already fleshed out in other mediums. It is then your job to follow the franchise as closely as you can with out it getting in the way of your story mechanic. Working with franchises in general can be tricky, the biggest sin I have seen is when they try to re-write lore, and canon in favor of their own preferred narrative. Just keep in mind when working with aliens that they can be both the best way to personify extremes in the human condition, as well as tricky puzzles to negotiate narrative wise, as well as technically.

Ext – Night
Large field (Public Park) ambient light makes for a strong full moonlight effect on the immediate area.
A large squat triangle shaped ship approx 20′ tall 30’x30′ at the base. tip is rounded not pointed. Bright blue and green LEDs flash randomly around the base of the ship adding to the ambient light.
A large crowd of people are gathered around the object that landed only two minutes ago and crushed several large trees with no problem. no human casualties.
A group of tanks cruise up at the treeline of the park about 60′ from the object. Most of the crowd is on the south end because of the thick tree line. Tanks are sitting at the south east corner of the large field.

Derrik – male mid 30s business casual
Lt Van Geric – female late 50s
Pvt Jacobs – male early 20s
pvt Andrews male mid 20s
Cpt “Mr Clean” Hanson – female pilot mid 30s

The object emits steam from the underside of it. a fading glow envelops the bottom as well from the friction of re-entry. The crowd stands back about 20 feet from the object for the most part. The LED lights suddenly go off and the crowd jumps back a step as the ambient light dips down a bit and a audible gasp is heard from the crowed. A blue laser like beam shoots out from the craft and hits a man in the crowd who falls over. The beam continuous starts to swing towards the rest of the crowd. screams of panic follow as the crowd runs from the object and it’s “weapon”. One man; Derrik, rushes towards the fallen man through the exiting crowd.

Derrik kneels down next to the man as he starts to recover, he seems a bit embarrassed and Derrik understands the man just fainted. The sound of canon fire from tanks is heard the fainting man stands up on his feet again with the help of Derrik. Derrik looks to find the source and sees as he suspected the tanks firing at the object and men on the turrets pouring everything they have at it. Derrik looks back at the object and sees a sort of electrostatic flash and the rounds seem to be hitting a skin tight magnetic field on the craft now the blue beam has also ceased. Derrik turns back and runs towards the tank. Derrik notices in the trees a large number from the crowd still hiding in the shadows watching on and a few now coming back out.

Derrik runs towards the tanks waving his arms around. As a tank blast fly’s over head he ducks a little and covers his ears with his hands, then continues to wave his arms around at the tanks who temporarily stop their barrage.

Derrik: He’s ok, the man just fainted, he just fainted, he’s ok
Geric: Irrelevant , this Unidentified National Threat poses a serious risk to any and all Americans who are exposed to it
Derrik: We don’t know that yet
Garic: You want to wait till people start dying? Laser beams of the Andromeda Strain it doesn’t matter we must stop this threat before it begins
Derrik: The only way to do that now is…
Garic: I’m sorry but everybody who has been exposed to it so far must be sanitized
Derrik: What do you mean by Sanitized?

The Lt sticking half way out of the top of the tank pulls out his side arm and fires three shots at Derrik who falls over dead. The Lt then pulls a walkie talkie to his mouth to give orders.

Garic: This is “Infiltrator” to “Mr Clean”
Clean: “Clean” here
Garic: Sanitize all indicated areas

Garic then pulls out a tablet with a map of the area on it. He then taps several surrounding areas that now show a green target reticle on them.

Clean: Understood Lt sensitization will commence in 20 seconds

Garic places the tablet back down under the hood of the tank and switches channels on his talkie

Garic: Jacobs, Andrews duck and cover in twenty

Garic looks over at both tanks and the men close the tank lids after themselves, then Garic ducks down and closes the lid on his as well. A few seconds more and explosions start erupting all around the armored vehicles including all the closest buildings that the Lt decided might be housing some of the escapees from the park.

After the glow dies down a bit the tank lid opens and Garic re-emerges and clicks his talkie back on

Garic: Jacobs, Andrews recover and resume send word to B-Squad to engage

Garic taps just under the lid of the tank and the vehicle starts up it’s attack on the object. Soon the other two tanks start their attacks again as well. Garic ducks down for a moment into the tank and his voice is heard with a bit of resonance to it from inside the tank

Garic: Move us up 20 feet

Garics tank moves forward crushing Derrik under is and continues it’s barrage. Then Missiles fly up over the treeline behind the tanks and start to pummel the object as well. The electrostatic field starts to flash again. As it stops visible damage starts to appear on the hull of the object. The green and blue LEDs start to flash again only not as many now due to the damage taken. The ship slowly lifts off the ground. A few of the missiles from beyond the treeline start to hit under the ship now with it up above the trees in the park as the object stops it’s accent and hovers for a moment.

the object then starts to tilt to one side and glide back towards the park towards the treeline on the north west region. Garic smiles to himself as he watches on and takes out his side arm again and empties the clip into the object. The object now full of holes on it’s hull exposing a dark interior whats tough to make out any detail from crashes into the trees and stops momentum as much of the weight of the vehicle now collapses it onto it’s self with out sufficient structural integrity.

Garic: (Into Talkie) Cease Fire

The guns and missiles soon stop a few fires illuminate some of the object. What can be seen from Garics perspective is some sort of viscus fluid flowing from some of the wounds in the object.

Garic switches the channel on his talkie once more

Garic: “Infiltrator” to “Mr Clean”
Clean: “Mr Clean” here Lt
Garic: time to clear our plate

Garic places the talkie back on his hip and a large bomb drops from the low cloud ceiling hitting the object. A large fiery explosion rings out over the decimated park. Only debris, and fire now mark the divot where the object once stood. Garic pulls his talkie back up again.

Garic: Operation completed

Garic then switches his channel again

Garic: Time to call it a day, job well done, see everybody back at base, drinks on me tonight

garic then places the talkie back on his hip again and ducks under and closes the lif on the tank again. Camera now sits on the far end of the crater and watches the tanks leave the park through the flames and scattered wreckage of the object.


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