Robo-Tech Talk

Another favorite franchise of mine has had rumored development for years, yet nothing has come out from it yet. Truth is unless somebody wants to put in some real money and talent into this one I have a feeling it’s going to tank either way. It’s too drama based for guys to really get into, and it’s too action based for woman to really get into. It’s sort of in limbo. Now you can turn it of course one direction or the other, but that destroys the core of the franchise and what made it popular. If you think the reason it was popular was because of the mech battles alone, there are a hundred better, and more mech focused series you can use. If you think the strength was the personal dynamics then there are even more of them to choose from with better examples of this in them. The reason this series is so good is because of the balance it’s able to achieve. bridging demographics like that can be very difficult, getting the balance just right. Even leaning it one way or the other, you have to keep in mind that the other side still have to be good enough to pull in that particular audience. The danger is when you pull focus like that the weaker half tends to be treated weaker in time and effort and then ends up hurting the piece instead of helping it.

Robotech is a complex Japanese animated import comprised of three very separate Anime with the first and most important being Macross. The premise is that a young teenage girl Minmay has the ability to infuse the very essence of humanity into her songs. Making them a veritable weapon against the Zentroti who lost their humanity long ago.This isn’t the sort of battle where one side wins against another. It’s the sort of battle where winning meaning getting the other side to see, you shouldn’t be fighting int he first place. In this day and age this is an important message, but may be too unbelievable for the average movie goer to invest in.

Int – Day
SDF1 (first Super Dimensional Fortress class battle ship) bridge
An irregular Hexagon shaped bridge with the narrow edge placed at the outside front wall
Grey blank walls lite by an open window in the front that has a view of the almost setting sun
A row of chairs on each side wall and two chairs with angled desks sit in front of a centralized almost thrown like captains chair
Admiral – Henry J. Gloval
Lt Commander – Claudia Grant
Lt Commander/First officer – Lisa Hayes
lieutenant – Vanessa Leeds
lieutenant – Kim Young
lieutenant – Sammie Porter
Each wearing appropriate rank and dress whites as members of the United nations Space Division or “UN Spacy” as members of the specific Robotech Defense Forces or RDF

Admiral Gloval enters the room followed by the two Lt Coms and the rest. The three Lts first take up their seats two on the right hand wall to the captains chair and one on the left. As they sit down the grey walls come to life with holographic interfaces. The same thing happens as the Two Lt Coms sit at their desks just in front of the Captains Chair. Gloval slowly takes his seat and taps a few buttons that light up on his arm display

Gloval: Engines?
Claudia: Up to full capacity sir
Gloval: Readiness level?
Hayes: All stations show ready sir
Gloval: Proto-Matter Drives?
Leeds: Online Sir
Young: Full Thrust capacity achieved and active sir
Porter: Ready on your command Admiral….sir

Small chuckle from lisa and claudia then Gloval clears his throat

Gloval: Time to lift off then
Claudia: Aye sir ready for full thrust command
Gloval: Given and waiting
Claudia: Of course sir Full Thrust commencing

The deck plating jossels under them as the engines come alive and struggle against the earths gravity, creaking sounds through out the bridge and the snapping of support pylons that held the ship together during construction

Gloval: Lt Young cut those outside mics
Young: Yes sir, sorry sir

The snapping and buckling sounds stop but the vibrations and deck creaking continue, then everything seems to smooth out and the view out the window confirms the ship is lifting up and away with more easy and stability

Hayes: Admiral We have a UN Spacey general alert
Gloval: What is it First?
Hayes: Alien ships entering the inner systems passing Mars as we speak
Gloval: Lets hope the don’t recognize whats left of their ship, and try to take it back
Leeds: If it’s even their ship
Hayes: Lt (Followed by a stern keep your yap shut look)
Gloval: No she’s right, We have no idea where this ship cam from, it could have been theirs, or they could just be scavengers looking to collect on it
Hayes: Either way they aren’t getting it
Claudia: Admiral should I prep the main canons?
Gloval: Not yet lets see if their friendly first, send out friendship messages on all frequencies, everybody else keep an eye on those gauges of they might not have anything left to try to collect
Porter: Admiral coolant is spiking a bit high in the right flank vent
Gloval: Lets get a team over there to check the fittings but lets wait till we get into low earth orbit first
Poter: Of course Sir

The window continues to show them climbing up through the atmosphere and then a squadron of Veritech fighters pass under the ship, first a red accented squadron, then green, then grey. The SDF1 lowers an entrance flap and the squadrons begin to land on the main decks three squadrons four entrance flaps open

Gloval: Have all the squadrons called in?
Hayes: Not yet sir
Claudia: Let me guess Skull Squadrons late?
Hayes: That’s correct sir Skull squadrons still hasn’t…wait sir I am getting a signal
Gloval: Put it on screen
Hayes: Yes sir

A holographic partially transparent screen appears in front of the main window in the top half of the view. An streaming image of a blonde pilot approx 36 yrs old in a black and grey helmet with a skull painted on the side comes on. The pilot looks up as if just noticing the camera was on

Focker: Oh hey guys sorry about that I was just getting in a few more minutes of training with the squadron, can’t be too careful up there
Hayes: Captain Focker, you have some nerve being late on a mission as important as this one, you get your squadren on board at once
Claudia: (Giggles)
Hayes: (Looks a bit confused by it)
Focker: Calm down little sister, were almost aboard now, just in time to leave the atmosphere together. If you keep talking to me like that might not buy you a drink later
Claudia: Calm down Roy you’ll scare her off
Hayes: Hey I am not some scared little-
Gloval: Enough Captain Focker when will you be finished boarding
Focker: Sorry for the tardiness Admiral, were aboard now
Gloval: Get those decks closed up and prepare for an artificial gravity test

The display disappears and the the decking glows yellow for a moment

Leeds: Decking prepped and ready for activation Admiral
Gloval: Activate in three, two, one…..

The room sits with anticipation

Gloval: Activate

A hum is heard as the anti-gravity engages and and everybody sits down in their chairs a little tighter

Gloval: Maybe a slight adjustment Lt?
Young: Adjusting now sir, sorry the computers forgot to take into account the micro gravity effects on the Anti-Gravity systems, it won’t happen again sir

The the crew sit up a more relaxed and starts to shakes out the stress of first flight a bit

Poter: Admiral a direct hit
Gloval: What? Where?
Hayes: She’s correct sir the alien ship just blasted the city
Gloval: What city? you mean Macross city?
Hayes: Yes sir took out 10% of the standing structures in a single blast. Then it launched what appear to be fighter craft
Young: Sir energy signatures indicate it may be powering up for another blast
Gloval: Launch all fighter squadrons
Hayes: Launching all fighter squadrons now sir. Lion, Banshee, Sword and Skull squadrons launch immediately, target Alien Fighter Craft
Gloval: Take us back down
Leeds: But sir we just
Gloval: Now
Cluadia: Of course sir descending now, powering off anti gravity units and preparing to engage the enemy
Gloval: Alert Earth Defense Forces and tell them I’ll be addressing them personally
Claudia: At once sir
Gloval: I’ll be in my office alert me if there is a change before we arrive back in firing range

Gloval stands up and walks over to a wall between the left holographic display wall and the main entrance in the middle of the back wall. He presses the wall with his hand and a door opens up to his office. He disappears as the door shuts behind him.


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