…Best Dig Two Graves

The number one Character motivation in movies and indeed in stories all together is Love. The second, however, has to be Revenge. We see it all the time in movies sometimes cleverly disguised but always present int he finer details. This makes the very topic of revenge about as cliche, and trope as you can get. It doesn’t change the fact, though, that it is indeed a powerful and relatable motivation for any character. The danger stems from leaning too heavily on the established tropes for this motivation. The dead family member, or partner. Then over the top pronouncements. The terrible one-liners. The shallow character development. To the point that the characters just become plot points instead of living breathing beings.

It’s difficult to put an entier revenge motivation and explination into a single scene with out making it a exposition sink hole. Yet with out the proper context it is tough to get into the spirit of the scene and give a care if the hero gets their revenge or not. Regardless it’s still the object of the seen to communicate the plot movement and character development not tell the entire story.

Ext Night
Hilltop in the middle of the Utah desert with a view of most of the surrounding valley
William – Male mid 30s dressed in sweats
Killian – Male early 40s dressed in tatered buisness casual no jacket no tie

Killian is strapped into a metal chair with velcro straps the sort you often find in hospitols
A table sits next to him with all manner of grimmie oil and lube stained tools on a dirty rag looked like it was used to check a vehicals oil a few too many times

Killian comes to and struggles in the chair looking around to see whats impeading his movement and notices all the straps on his ankles and wrists the chair it’s self doesn’t move. It must be fastened to the hilltop somehow. The mostly full moon ass enough ambient light to see the suroundings and make him wonder what he is doing all the way out there. A hand suddely rests atop his head and startles him

Killian: What the hell is this why am I here?
William: Please don’t insult me by pretending to not know what this is about

William takes his hand off and walks around in front of killian

Killian: You son of a bitch, let me go now and I’ll end your life quickly. Otherwise you’ll wish I’d killed you when we first met
William: Oh don’t worry, I often wish that. Unfortunatly for both of us though I lived and now you’re here to regret it
Killian: Your an idiot Soon the circumstances will be reversed and you’ll know what it means to wish you were dead
William: Oh you mean because of your RFID tracker? The one in your left arm?

Killian looks down at the arm of the chair and notices some blood now dripping down from where the tracker used to be, not a steady drip just enough to come into view since he last looked around

Killian: What are we 5 miles out of town, my people will still-
William: Were in Utah, I can tell by the look on your face your busy wondering how I got you accross state lines and how long you must have been out
Killian: You think you made it accross state lines? The’re tracking your movement, they just wanted to see where you’d go
William: Why?
Killian: I guess they wanted to catch you in the act, they are mostly likley gearing up as we speak

William nods and casualy walks over to the table and grabs a rusty pair of plyers

William: You might be right

William walks back over to the chair as Killian begine struggeling anew

William: But I wouldn’t put all my marbles on that one, but I guess you don’t really have a play except tp pretend others do
Killian: Look I took a lighter, a lighter I mean I’ll buy you a new one I didn’t think it was a big deal
William: Well if my son hadn’t made that for me in shop class a year before he and his mother died in that car fire you’d probably be right. Of course the fact that you then used it to light that wherehouse on fire which all but melted it down, you might be right. A simple new lighter might due. May I ask you If all you wanted was the lighter why would you have killed me? I mean I didn’t even know you took it till I saw the video
Killian: In my business you never leave loose ends
William: I have to admit I didn’t realise the Commercial Real Estate market was that compeditive
Killian: You Have no idea what it takes to run a successful property leasing company
William: You’re right, but I think if I had to kill people for it I might just change professions
Killian: Thats what a weak person says

William grabs one of Killians fingers witht he plyers and breaks it to the side, the pressure is too much on the rusty tool and the jaws break apart. Killian crys out in pain

William: Well luckly I brought a lot of toys to play with
Killian: Those things are filthy, you’ll kill me of disentary before I ever die of my wounds

William grabs some needle nose plyers from the table and heads back to the chair

William: Honestly I have seen all the movies and I never understood why they always use such prestine tools for torture, I mean whats the point?
Killian: The point you dumb a-

William Grabs the pinky of his other hand and bends it back till it breaks with one swift movement, Killian again crys out in pain

Killian: What do you want?
William: Is this the negotiation portion of the show?
Killian: Show what the hell are you talking about is this being filmed?
William: No, no, no but I am enjoying it thoughly. No this isn’t about something I want, this is about everybody else, well perhaps not you
Killian: Everybody else what?
William: Well when you learn that you can’t treat people this way just to get ahead in life it will be a gift I have given to the rest of the public around you. You my friend will have been rehabilitated
Killian: That only thing I am going to learn from you is how to pull every nail off your body before I even really begin with you
William: Thats a wonderful idea, I find nails take too much effort though I think I have something better in mind

William walks tot he table drops the plyers and picks up a steel mallot

Killian: Whoa, Whoa, now wait you’re right I have been a dick and I apologize, I mean it’s just lighter I should have just bought one, but I was bored and you were there. Lesson learned I’ll walks the two blocks to the store I mean god knows I can afford it, and so can you how about we work out some compensation?
William: I think you’re headed in the right direction

William takes the hammer and hits Killian in the shin snaping his bone at the mid point back towards the chair underside. Killian crys out and tears streak down from his eyes

William: I know your not going to believe this but I just did you a favor. You see your Femoral Artery is right there in your thigh. If I had broken it just a little more to the side I could have cut that artery with you’re own broken bone and killed you in seconds. Instead your going to sit there and cry for a little bit then you’ll be fine when your people come to get you

Killian looks up a bit confused and William pulls out a small electronic device. It’s the RFID tracker only the casing has been broken and the LED indicator is off. It seems attacked to an outside set of wires connected to a battery

William: In a second I’ll let your people know where you are so they can come save you, however, I want you to remember something. It’s not that you can’t get revenge on me, or people I care about, ot my possesions or Legacy, or any of that. Remember that this happened to you, remember that no matter how much revenge you get it will never take away this experience, and remember that anybody else with a little planning and effort can do the same thing to you. Remember that no amout of pain you can inflic on anybody else is worth going through it your self first.

Killians tears subside a bit as he cringer at the lecture despite the pain. William connects the second cable to the battery and the LED light on the chip lights back up. William goes to the table and tosses the mallot on the ground next to it

William: I wanted to make this last a long time I wanted to make you remember, but even I am sick of what I am doing

William grabs a box cutter the cleanest looking tool on the table and heads for Killian who starts to struggle again despite Williams promise to let him go

William: You can tell people whatever you want about your injuries but I want to make sure that every time you look in the mirror you remember what I did and why it’s important to change your ways

William extends the blade and cuts a small “H” into the corner of Killians Jaw

William: Hate is your legacy Killian

William then pulls a pistol from behind his back and shots Killian in the foot removing a portion of his shoe where his big toe was

William: And remember that I took away a piece from you, more then just flesh.

william then shoots himself in the head and drops onto the side of the hill in front of Killiam and slides a little ways down the hill. The sound of a helicopter is heard in the distance


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