Chemically Bonded

One of the most enduring franchises is the Ian Flemming: James Bond, franchise. Because of this there will always be a rich tapestry to mine. Each

incarnation brings with it many aspect and personality changes, even while trying to keep to the core of who the main characters are. The latest incarnation

has done away with the gadgets and sci-fi aspects of the Spy Industry for a much more grounded approach. While Mission Impossible has picked up the slack on

the gadget and advanced technology front it still leaves open the possibilities for the future of the James Bond Brand. Truth is that the most intriguing

parts of James Bond have always been the larger then life personalities though, and not the gadgets. Sometime some of the earlier incarnations failed to see.

If you put the gadgets in but skip out on the James Bond, you get a flat, boring mish-mash of action and one dimentinal charachers.

The aspects of the Bond story as so varied that it’s tough to pick one to focus on. There is his intrigue, his seductions, his escapes, his gadgets, his

fallicies, his accessories, including vehicals, and much more. I believe one of the toughest scenes to write for James Bond in particular, but also on the

larger stage, is a seduction scene. The difficulties come in making James seductive, intelligent, and in control, while not taking away from the female in

the scene.If he wins too easly, it’s not realistic. If it’s too difficult it becomes as equally unrealistic to the other extreme. It’s a delicate balance

between the man and the woman, with the added difficulty in making sure not only is he a belivable man, but that he embodies the style, and cocksure of James


Int – Night
Night Club in Japan Aprox 10 pm
Club is fairly popular with a large amount of beautiful people in it, about 70% native, and the rest from abroad.

James Bond – Male 32 Tie loosened up in a black suit with a black shirt
Ina Momentu – female 22 revealing komono inspired dress black with gold embelishments
Various – Club Patrons

James sits at the bar sipping an alcoholic beverage and reading the local paper in english.

Ina motions to the seat next to Bond
Ina: Has this seat been taken?
James: Is that the best you can do?
Ina: Sorry English isn’t my first language, am I passe already?
James looks her up and down a moment
James: Not that I can see, and no the seat isn’t being taken
Ina: Good I need it for a friends table
James: We’re not friends then?
Ina: Do I know you?
James: I can only imagine
Ina: How so?
James: Thats a 3,000 pound dress, I’d say even the well dressed people here spend more on drinks then on thier attire
Ina: I like to be fashionable
James: You mean obvious
Ina: Look Mr. (waits for a moment) I’m sure your facinating, but I really must go my friends are waiting
James: I have no doubt. After you check in with them whats the move? You wait for me to come over and interupt, insist we get to know each other better
Ina: A gentleman would, but I suspect I’m not speaking to one, despite how well you dress
James: I did just come from a funeral, so you’ll forgive the formal attire
Ina: And you’ll forgive me if I pardon myself now
James: I don’t think I will
Ina: Excuse me
James: I don’t think I will forgive you, unless you sit down and have a drink with me
Ina: Even if I didn’t have friends waiting why would I do that
James: Because you can have a better metting with your “friends” afterwards
Ina: Tales of the drunk idiot at the bar?
James: Not sure I’d go as far as Idiot, but you can color it as you wish
Ina: A Britian here reading the paper in English, your no Super Agent
James: So I’m an Agent now? I thought you didn’t know me?
Ina: I can only assume that if your going to tell me some great tale about yourself, you’d naturaly be a Secret Agent
James: In this fantasy who are you exactly
Ina: I imagine I’d play the Fem Fetal, who lures the agent to his doom
James: Of course in most stories the Fem Fetal dies and the Hero moves on to the sequal
Ina: True, but your not the Hero, your just the prolouge
James: In that case you definatly need to sit down and have a drink with me
Ina: Why is that?
James: I want to be remembered through out the rest of the story, when the Hero comes to avenge me
Ina: I suppose thats a fair point, but only one drink
James: Of course

James motions over to the bar tender and taps on the bar, the man behind the bar brings a second drink for them both

James: I can see your tastes run a little more tropical
Ina: And I can see you drink like an American
James: No need for insults
Ina: My drink has a fish oil base I imagine it’s better for me then your grain and yeast
James: So you’re not a fan of the west
Ina: On the contrary I enjoyed the Cinemo of the West quite a bit
James: Anything in particular?
Ina: I always enjoy the movies where the Westerners win against the poor ignorant Easterners
James: Why is that?
Ina: I love role reversal

An electronic alarm rings once in James’s Pocket

James: I’m afair I have to go now
Ina: After you invited me to sit down for a drink? How rude of you
James: I think you’ve got plenty to report now, I suspect I’ll see you soon
Ina: Not if I see you first
James: I changed my mind, you are passe
Ina: And you don’t just drink like an American
James: Just tell your bosses that even if their cameras are in those security bubbles doesn’t mean we can see them pointing at us, oh and Keep that Ruger attached to your left thigh handy. I think you may need it soon
Ina: And You should keep your Walter handy, although I’m not sure how much help it will be

Ina gets up from her seat and heads towards the VIP rooms towards the back. Bond gulps down the last of his drink and heads towards the stairs to the balcony level


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