A fool and his Music

One of the biggest and oldest genre of play is the Musical. With out music, however it’s virtually impossible to write even a single scene for a musical. You could write what amount to lyrics, but the truth is that it’s just poetry with out music. Musicals have been brought over to movies almost as long as they have been around as well. It’s been notoriously difficult to do musicals well, at least since their heyday in what is referred to as the “Golden Age” of film.
A genre adjacent to the musical thematically at least is the band movie. The story of a band or musician as the central theme of film. These come in all sorts of flavors, from the more biographical, to the stereotype laden film about musicians from the perspective of a mostly uninformed audiences’ point of view.

Creating a musician can be tricky because of all the tropes that one falls into much too easily. Making a character, but not a caricature. Realizing first and foremost that it’s still just a human being, and secondly, that if it’s not a musical, the music is only a background element at most. It’s really about the life of a person, who happens to be a professional musician.

Int – Day
cafe late in the meal most have finished

Eric – Lead Singer
Jess – Lead Guitar
Greg – Rhythm Guitar
Jaks – Drums
Sara – Manager

Sara: Ok so you have an idea for a new album, Isn’t it a bit too soon, I mean you’re still touring off the last one
Greg: No of course not, it’s never too soon and if you have the material
Jaks: Developing the material
Greg: Yeah ok it’s not all there yet, but we have a direction
Sara: At this stage are you really thinking differently, or are you just writing a second half of the same album you play night after night?
Jess: Well you see-
Greg: Look you’re not a musician I don’t expect you to understand, I can walk and chew gum at the same time
Sara: I never said you couldn’t
Greg: It might surprise you to know I graduated college
Sara: I did know that in fact I wrote the bands-
Greg: The point is I know what I am doing
Sara: we
Greg: What?
Sara: what we are doing
Greg: I’m sorry do you play keyboards on a number I don’t know about
Sara: The point is you have an entire band here it’s not an “I” thing
Greg: What you don’t think I know that, I mean give me a break
Eric: Look truth is we all know what your so keen on this man and it’s not creative
Greg: Bull shit you don’t know a god damned thing, you nosy little prick
Sara: Whats he talking about
Greg: His ass
Eric: Greg asked his girlfriend to marry him and she told him she wasn’t going to marry him until he’d made 10 million
Sara: You serious?
Greg: that’s a load and you know it
Eric: I talked to her myself and she-
Greg: What the hell are you doing talking to my girlfriend?
Eric: She called she wanted to know what time we were going to the airport, I asked her if it was because you were purposing to her and she wanted some time to think and she said “I’m not going to marry anybody who can’t make 10 million as a rock star”
Greg: Now your just spreading lies, like the one your mom told last night
Jess: Jesus christ Greg you can be such an asshole
Greg: Speaking of assho-
Jaks: Just shut up, this is getting old, look Greg we have been meaning to tell you, nobody is ready to work on new materials right now
Greg: That’s bull Jessica told me herself she had songs she was working on
Jess: Dude I said they were for a solo project
Greg: Well write them with us and solo averted, and you can make some real money
Jaks: what the hell Jess?
Sara: look guys you all agreed early on solo careers were ok as long as they didn’t interfere with the main band, this is just a small project with an idol of hers no big deal, it’s not ever rock
Greg: What you don’t like rock music anymore?
Jess: Of course I do, but I like other music too and I got a chance to play with this guy that I really wanted to.
Greg: So Jess has a new boyfriend, Jacks a lazy drag ass, and Erics a premadonna. Got it. Oh and our manager is now making all out decisions for us
Eric: Son of a bitch Greg, what the hell man, just chill out. we have another two weeks of shows to do then you can fly off the handle
Jaks: I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had enough I am going back to the room to pretend this was just a nightmare
Jess: I’m with Jaks I-
Greg: I bet you are, who aren’t you with anymore
Jess: Fuck you Greg, just fuck you

Jess stands up and storms out of the cafe

Eric: Sorry Sara I know you wanted to talk about the after tour promotions, but that’s going to have to wait

Eric gets up tosses out a $50 onto the table and follows after Jess

Jaks: I’ll see ya Sara, get some rest Greg and maybe get laid, I assume your getting that at least

Jaks walks away as Greg starts to retort but decides it’s not worth it

Sara: Well Greg, if you want to work on some new material, you know I can always get a space for you, but it looks like the rest aren’t into it right now, give them some space after the tour I’m sure they will come around and you’ll have your dowry in no time

Sara stands up and heads to the door

Greg: Up Yours

Greg starts to finish the little bit of food he has left on his plate and knocks the plate off the table with a swipe sending the plate into the camera for a to-Black cut.


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