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One thing that separates out good writers and bad writers is the ability to write good scenes that on paper seem to have little weight plot wise. The most basic form of this is the coffee house or diner scene. Just a small group or couple sitting down and talking. Not a setting for a plot point, such as discussing the comming hiest. A typical coffee shop scene is about little more than character creation and setting. It can also be essential to provide the audience a scene of atmosphere for a film. Such as the scene at the beggining of Resevoir Dogs.

Dialog is the most important factor seperating a good writer and a good story teller. Telling a good story is all about plot and movement, with a minor emphesis on character. A good writer, however, can take the mundane and make is entertaining if not memerable. take for example the diner scene in another Tarentino film Pulp Fiction. Divided into the beginning and end of the film it feels like two people talking and yet the writing gives even the most normal conversation, albiet from charasmatic actors with a tinge of importance from the prior events. Taking out of cource the gun play scene at the end.

Int Day – Coffee Shop

Inhabitant one
Inhabitant two

One: Remember that Party on Third?
Two: Stop changing the subject
One: What are you talking about? it was epic
Two: I asked you first
One: Ok look I didn’t want to talk about this
Two: No kidding, thanks for the info
One: I mean it won’t change anything
Two: It will change everything
One: I’m telling you it’s meaningless
Two: Your opinion is noted
One: Ok look just because your eating Oriental noodles you do not have to use chopsticks
Two: Thats hourse crap and you know it, your violating the very foundation
One: Of what noodledom?
Two: Of the cultural experience
One: Dude they are noodles
Two: You don’t get it do you?
One: I’m hungry, thats all I need to know
Two: When the first Europeans lifted a spoon to Oriental noodles and insulted those people they began a rift not repaired to this day
One: You know most likley it was in front of some trader who was Porcugese and didn’t give a crap right?
Two: But the word got out, about the barbaric and insensitive light skins
One: Really?
Two: Hey I don’t know what they called them but it wasn’t nice I can assure you of that
One: So if we had just-
Two: Yes Noodles are the reason we’re at war with China happy? It’s out there now, live with the truth
One: When was the last time you got some sleep?
Two: Two days ago- Hey thats not important whats important is that I am right
One: You know Sleep Depervation is the number one cause of bad statistical annalysis
Two: Bull Crap
One: Prove me wrong
Two: Ok point taken. Wrong though you may be
One: Look You need to take some of the Sleepynol I gave you
Two: Slave to the pharmasutical industry thats what you want out of me
One: I told you I get frequent headaches
Two: Oh Bo Hoo my head hurts
One: I’m gonna hurt your head in a second
Two: Look taking drugs leads to taking more drugs
One: Thats idiotic circular logic which means nothing
Two: Oh Contrair
One: You know you can’t just win an argument by saying Oh Contrair right?
Two: Oh contrair
One: Yeah ok look I got to go, you ok paying this time
Two: If by this time you mean same as last time then sure
One: Oh Boo Hoo my wallet hurts
Two: Oh shut up and get out of here
One: Same time tomorrow
Two: Yeah might as well, after work as always


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