Star Battles

One thing that can be difficult to tackle is the Reboot. it’s more and more of a common occurrence now days but it wasn’t always. The main reason was two fold. Number one there was a lot more drive for original content. Something new, the “Next Big Thing”. Number two is something that for the most part is just ignored now in favor of brand recognition. That is that redoing a previously explored story, but coming up with a new twist. A twist that invigorates and re-energizes the concept while remaining true enough to honor the source material can actually be extraordinary tough.

Let me be frank. I have heard that the more limits you place on a writer or creative team the less creative they can be, thus the less often you’ll get good content. While a valid point I think it’s a false equivelency. Truth is that what we think of as creativity is limited. In the entirety of the human race the amount created for all forms of art is, but a fraction of what is possible. If creation encompasses the universe, then we have explored no more then our equivelancy in out known universe, as a species. To say that we limit peoples creativity because of some restrictions is only to aknowlege our own creative limitations. So I’d beg anybody who believe that tethering things together, Shared Universe, Tv and Film, or Star Wars Cannon, that it limits the people who come after because of what came before. All I can say is you do a disservice to any and all creative members or this specicies by giving them limits that are as imaginary as the bounds of storytelling it’s self.

Int – Space
Confrence room (think Death Star Meeting before the assault on the first one)
Col Ty
Lt (Lee) Adama
Lt “StarBuck”
Ensign Weers
Ensign Varis
Cmd Eris
Various Pilots

Lights dimmed in the room to accentuate the monitor wich currently only has a background of stars. Stars seem sparce on the background with the slight intrusion of what seemes to be distance systems in it The two Lt stand at the board on either side to give the presentation all other Pilots sit in seats. Col Ty stands behind Adama to the right of the monitor and back in the shadows.

Adama: The Base Star will be entering this sector from the Terius Nebula giving them sensor cover up to that point. So we’ll have to be on alert.
StarBuck: Thier sensors will also be offline in there so what they won’t see is the small probe we’ll have parked at the edge of the Nebula to alert us of thier arrival
Adama: At this point a patrol squadon will wait on our side of the sector for the rest of the fighters to launch. Three more squadrons will join them
StarBuck: Once all four Squadrons are in formation they will begin the assault. Now keep in mind you’ll have limited manuverability out there
Weers: Sir why will our manuverability be limited?
Starbuck: Weers right? Your new to the program?
Weers: Yes I am sir
Adama: Well Ensign, our thrusters and LP (Light Propulsion) will be more limited because of the third rule of Inertia
Varis: I thought we were pilots not Scientists
Starbuck: With that attitude you’ll be scrap metal
Adama: What The Lt is trying to say Ensign, is that if you don’t know your ship and how it operates, you’re already dead in space. There is little to no air, and disernable material out here in space. Thrust depends on push back. If you have nothing to push against you will get no movement. Here particularly the amount of matter and energy is scarce. Your ships will be more sluggish
Cmd Eris: That will be the same for the Cylons I imagine
Col Ty: No it will not

Col Ty steps out of the shadows a little closer to the light of the monitor and between Adama and the Crew

Col Ty: Our Top scientific analysis have determined that unlike our ships, they do not push themselves along with thrust
Weers: Then How?
Col Ty: They use Quantom Mechanics, maybe even the strong nuclear force it’s self to “Pull” thier ships along. Even in the darkest corners of empty space. Quanta is abundant
Varis: How do we beat something like that?

Col Ty takes a few steps back into the shadows again

StarBuck: Not with attitudes like that Ensign
Weers: Why are our ships not always this sluggish in space?
Adama: Well the closer we are the celetial bodies, planets, stars and such. The more matter and solar winds are available for us to use. Until now we have always had a few of them around even if they were too far to seem close. This part of space has been void of significant matter for millions if not billions of years.
Varis: So your saying we have to bring a planet here? And why here anyways, there is no significant resources here, there is no strategic advantage

Col Ty steps back out from the shadows again

Col Ty: Thats exactly why we are fighting here, now, at our weakest, with no real advantage to gain. We are going to prove that we can not be beaten so easily, that we are done running, that we can and will win.
Varis: Thats suicide
Starbuck: Watch your mouth ensign
Col Ty: Thats quite alright Lt, he has a point. Thats exactly what the Cylons will think. Which is why we will win. In thier underestimation of us. We will finally have the advantage.

A bit of murmering erupts out from the crowd. The Col takes a step back but not all the way

Adama: Thats why we are going to use the TP manuver
Varis: Sounds like the manuver Ensign Ulich takes every morning after Breakfast

Starbuck looks like she is about to put him in his place again but The Col holds his hand up to stop her

Adama: If you’ll let me finish. TP stands for Thrust Pad. We are going to use the enemy ships against themselves. The enemy ships might operate differently then ours, but they are still made of matter.
Weers: Push off against them

The Lt waits for a moment for the Ensign to realize they spoke out of turn

Adama: That’s right, we are going to use the enemy ships as a way of strengthening out maneuverability. The more ships you engage the strnger your manuverability will actually become.
Varis: Will this give us a winning egde?
Col Ty: It better. Company dismissed, Patrol assemble on the flight deck in ten


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