V is for Vitalization

Following the tend and topic of reboots and television. There was a reboot in the not so distant past recently that tried to capitolize on a series I was a big fan of back int he day. “V”. Like all reboots, they tried to do something very different and barrows very little from the original. The problem wasn’t that they went different, but that they had no idea why the original one was popular int he first place so all they took from it was a vague concept. This is what storytellers who are trying to tell thier own story do. Storytellers who have zero confidence in their own ability to create something original and get it noticed to the right people. These writers tend to look for openings like reboots, in which they can take a vague concept and manipulate it into a way for them to tell one of thier own stories. This is a big reason these series and films both fail.

“V” is a series very much steeped in the Cold War mindset. The Visitors were the Communists (Is most cases then it was the Russians), and the Humans were the Democratic, Capitolistic Americans. Commy Red Vs Yankie Blue. If you know anything of storytelling in that era you know that it is by no means an original concept. Even portraying the invading force as actual Aliens is unoriginal. So why did “V” do so well? I can tell you that it hit impactfuly in three main ways. First was Sex. No this was not a Skin-o-max production, but the woman especially were highly attractive, especially the bad guys. The origin I imagine was the throw the audience off the “No way she’s an alien with looks like that” mentality. The second thing they hit well with was the Rocky Complex. The rebelion/underdog story, which they did pretty well. This was the Sci-Fi aspect which was big and growing exponetialy back then.

Int – night
Wherehouse full of unmarked boxes of cargo
Vance: Rebel Leader
Shearl: Rbel

In a wherehouse just outside of thier objective. Vance sits with his weapon in his hand and sweat running down his face. He cowers behind a goup of boxes as an opening 50′ away reveals the enemy army on manuvers some hundred or so meters away amongst thier living quarters. Shearl kneels down beside Vance

Shearl: Vance, what is it? Is it the noise? The sound of the guns? The screams of the men and women who died? Is it thier faces?

Shearl Puts her arm on his shoulder. Vance is looking down at his feet as if wondering why they don’t move but making no notice of his visitor

Shearl: You think you’re the only one? You don’t think I see them too. I don’t think I wake up hearing thier death crys in my sleep? You don’t think I want to run away and crawl into a hole and dig myself a shelter where they will never find me?

Shearl Rubs his shoulder a moment

Shearl: Think of everybody we have lost. If any one of them were here right now, What would they do? What have they done? What would they do again with out hesitation. What do you think they would tell you if they were here and not me. Would they ask you to be strong? Would they ask you to stop. Would they volenteer to do this instead?

Vance looks up at Shearl finaly. Shearl moves her hand back to the ground to help steady herself on her heels

Shearl: Is that what you want? I’ll go out there right now. I’ll do what needs to be done. We both know I’ll fail. I’ll fail because I am not you. I’ll fail because I can’t do what you can. I didn’t get the training you did. I don’t know the systems like you do. I’ll fail gloriously, but nobody will remember it, because we will all be dead.

Vance leans back against some boxes and his weapon falls quietly from his hands

Shearl: If you want I will wait here with you. I’ll wait while our last best hope goes up in flames. The explosion so massive, we’ll be vaporized and only our atoms will tell the story. We can dream of the generations that could have been. We can plead with the Gods to save us, we can Pray that we are worthy. Just let me know and we will wait.

Vance stands up and wipes the remaining sweat from his brow. Shearl Holds up his gun. Vance only glances at is and leaps over the boxes and out the part in the wherehouse doors to the outside. Slipping silently into the night and crouching as he dissapears behind sheetmetal.


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