Kids say the subtlest things

People often ask me. Do they? No shut-up. What makes a good unrequited love scene. There seems to be two main tropes that writers fall into with this. For the most part writers are pretty much in the middle, but on occasion you seem them on or near the edges of these two main tropes. First trope is the declaration and rejection scenario. You see this a lot in kids shows and for good reason. Kids often need things spelt out for them. Sometimes, however, you just get a lazy writer who doesn’t want to put in the effort of subtlety. You may also simply get a bad writer who simply thinks that’s the way to write those scenes. There is another variation on this where everybody (Some how) knows how person A feels about person B except the desired party. It’s highly unlikely and normally pulls people out of the believe-ability of the movie even if it were true and the event did happen in real life.

The second trope can be a little tougher to detect depending on the depth of subtext they wish to bury it under. It comes in two flavors. The double deniers, and the shadowed one scenario. The latter is akin to the first trope. The second is possible only because of this particular trope. The thought that if you make the audience work for it that it’s some how better. The “Hey did you seem him wink at that joke, he totally digs her and she just doesn’t know it” type of interpretation. Which may or may not be purposeful on the part of the writer. In this environment both parties could feel the unrequited love simply because they never speak up to each other about it in order to find out it’s mutual.

Ext – Day

A mostly ruined home, with no roof and partially standing walls, and the occasional piece of non functional furniture under piles of dirt peeking through. 5 friends in casual play cloths use this place often as a sort of club house/hang out after school. It’s in a mostly abandoned part of town where most of the houses have been put in similar conditions.

Jerry 11
Sheana 10
Regie 9
Howie 10
Misty 9

All five kids sit on broken furniture or piles of sand in what must have been a living room at some point in a modest two bedroom one floor home.

Regie: So what are we doing today?
Jerry: Same as always I guess
Howie: We always do that
Jerry: So
Regie: How about the mud pits?
Sheana: My mom got pissed at me last time we did that, she said I ruined my outfit. It totally washed out though
Misty: We could read
Jerry: We didn’t all bring books Misty
Misty: No I mean I could read to you guys
Howie: You think we can’t read or what?
Misty: No I just me-
Regie: Doesn’t matter sounds boring
Jerry: You brought it up so what do you think we should do different?
Sheana: I heard that Century Plants were in bloom in Johnson’s field
Jerry: That sounds nice
Regie: A bunch of plants? I thought you were cooler than that
Jerry: Shut-up Reg
Regie: No you shut-up
Jerry: I’m about to get up and shut you up
Regie: Yeah why don’t-
Misty: Ok no plants, guys sheesh
Jerry: Well I thought it sounded nice
Sheana: I was just trying to help Reg, what do you want to do
Regie: I heard there’s a ghost in the Masons’ Mine
Howie: The old copper mine?
Regie: That’s the one
Misty: That’s a 10 foot drop
Regie: My Uncle totally has rope I can go grab it
Sheana: Sounds dangerous
Regie: That’s the point
Jerry: Regie, your an idiot you think these delicate girls want to climb in your grungy hole
Sheana: Hey I can speak for myself Jerry, sorry Reg, I’m just kind of scared
Regie: No need to be scared I’ll protect the girls
Sheana: Ok Why not?
Misty: Why not? because I’m not in idiot that’s why, duh
Howie: Look maybe if your uncle came along
Regie: I told you yesterday goober he is out of town for a job today why do you think I can borrow his stuff
Howie: He left with out his rope?
Regie: He’s got more then one rope idiot
Jerry: This is a dumb conversation. Lets just go out and look for rattlesnakes again
Misty: Because Howie pooped himself last time he saw one

Everyone but Misty and Howie laugh

Howie: Hey I couldn’t help it, I was the one who found it I thought it was going to bite me
Regie: Maybe it should have
Jerry: Don’t be a dick Reg we don’t want Howie to die
Regie: He wouldn’t die just might be sick for a few days
Misty: Regie your an idiot
Regie: Hey shut up book smarts
Sheana: Reg if you get that rope I’ll still go with you
jerry: No you won’t, we’re not going to let you two risk your lives for something that stupid, you try it and I’ll have Sheana’s Dad here in a heartbeat
Regie: You rat bastard
jerry: Better then burring two friends
Regie: Wussy
Sheana: We’d be careful Jerry I promise
Jerry: Look you guys want to do something different today lets go Old Man Morgans’ Farm and steal some more strawberry’s, those were awesome
Howie: Jerry has a point we ate those things for days
Regie: Yeah ok but tomorrow I’m going down the mine, with, or without you guys
Sheana: I’ll still go
Regie: I have no idea why you want to go so bad you’re getting a bit wierd just stop it
Sheana: Sorry
Jerry: Ok lets go, remember Howie if you see Old Man Morgan, call like a Kangaroo
Howie: Whats a Kangaroo call sound like?
Misty: Old Man? He’s only 42

Gang gets up and heads out towards a line of tree, behind which is the path to the farm


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